DESTINY 2: The God Rolls for Forbearance and Hammerhead

This week's Destiny 2 update adds more PvE-centric weapons to the Brave Arsenal.
Shiny Brave Arsenal Forbearance

Today is the weekly reset in Destiny 2, so you know what that means. The Into the Light event continues, adding two more guns to the Onslaught loot pool as we head toward The Final Shape.

If you’re getting into Destiny 2 for the first time, Onslaught is the new, free-to-play game mode added with Into the Light. You and two other guardians will set up defenses, fight waves of enemies, and earn some of the most iconic weapons in Destiny 2‘s history.

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And we must admit, this week’s pair is pretty spicy, albeit particularly PvE-centric (sorry to all of you PvP-only players). One is a fan-favorite that was one of Destiny 2’s earliest powerhouses before getting sunset, while the other is undoubtedly one of the best weapons the game has ever seen. Of course, we’re talking about Hammerhead and Forbearance, both farmable through Onslaught.

Hammerhead God Rolls

The first weapon we’ll cover is the Hammerhead. This Legendary Machine Gun is the first Black Armory weapon to return in Into the Light, with the other being the Blast Furnace (but more on that next week).

Hammerhead is a Void Machine Gun that dominated the Forsaken era of Destiny 2, and it’s back with a few new perks. Some of them are geared more toward ad clear, which isn’t ideal for a legendary heavy, but some of the combinations seem so fun.

In the Third Column, it can roll with Feeding Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Envious Assassin, Rampage, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Rewind Rounds, and Under-Over. In the Fourth Column, options are Surrounded, High-Impact Reserves, Target Lock, Onslaught, Killing Tally, Desperate Measures, and Tap the Trigger.

Brave Arsenal Hammerhead
Image via Bungie

PvE god rolls:

  • Rampage or Rewind Rounds / Killing Tally (ad clear)
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm or Envious Assassin / Target Lock (DPS)

Forbearance God Rolls

Now for the mother of all Destiny 2 weapons. The gun everyone has been waiting to get their hands on. One of the best Destiny 2 weapons of all time and an ad-clearing machine: Forbearance.

This Wave Frame Grenade Launcher used to be locked behind The Witch Queen DLC and the Vow of Disciple raid, so you were entirely out of luck if you didn’t have an active raid group. However, if you could get it, the combination of Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction decimated any group of enemies.

Brave Arsenal Forbearance
Image via Bungie

However, it is now available to everyone through Onslaught and comes with a few new perks. In the Third Column, you can get Unrelenting, Stats for All, Demolitionist, Ambitious Assassin, Surplus, Steady Hands, and Disruption Break. Fourth-column rolls include Wellspring, Golden Tricorn, One for All, Bait and Switch, Chain Reaction, Rampage, and Desperate Measures.

PvE god rolls:

  • Ambitious Assassin / Chain Reaction (the classic roll)
  • Demolitionist / Chain Reaction
  • Disruption Break / Chain Reaction

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There really isn’t a point in wasting your time with non-Chain Reaction rolls. And remember, all of these Onslaught weapons will eventually be enhancable, making these god rolls even stronger.

About Destiny 2: Into the Light

Destiny 2 Into the Light Poster

Release Date: April 9, 2024
Publisher: Bungie
Developer: Bungie
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC
Genre: First-person shooter, MMOG

Synopsis: This new two-month content update rolls out exciting content, including the new wave-defense Onslaught activity, iconic fan-favorite weapons with standard and limited-edition variants, the new Hall of Champions social space, reprised The Whisper and Zero Hour Exotic missions, a new raid boss gauntlet called Pantheon, fresh rewards, and more.

What do you think about Hammerhead and Forbearance for Destiny 2? Which one will you be going for first? How do you feel about a raid exclusive being available to everyone? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more content like this.

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