Cody Rhodes Explains Why His Brother Dustin Rhodes Deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke openly on his desire to induct his brother, longtime wrestling veteran Dustin Rhodes, into the WWE Hall of Fame.
WWE WrestleMania 39 - Cody Rhodes

WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke openly on his desire to induct his brother, longtime wrestling veteran Dustin Rhodes, into the WWE Hall of Fame. As Rhodes’ theme song suggests, he is part of a royal family in wrestling. Everyone knows about his dad, Dusty Rhodes. However, his brother Dustin has a long history in pro wrestling as well.

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Dustin Rhodes was better known as Goldust for much of his career in WWE. Dustin eventually left WWE and joined his brother, Cody Rhodes, when the promotion first began. They faced each other in an epic brother-versus-brother match at the debut AEW event in 2019, Double or Nothing.

WWE Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara Goldust
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The two brothers went to war in an epic, bloody contest that helped cement the upstart promotion. During a recent appearance on the Cheap Heat, Cody was asked if he and his brother’s story is over or if we may see something else from them in the future. Cody stated on the subject (via Wrestling Inc. for the transcription), “It’d be hard to do more. I mean, he lost like half his body weight in blood in the one match we did have. It’s never over.”


Dustin began his wrestling career in 1988 and is still active today. He has stayed in AEW even after his brother left and helps mentor young talent in the promotion. However, he’s still active in the ring as a competitor at 55 years old. While Dustin’s time in the business is winding down, he stated that he can see himself wrestling for two to four more years. He has accomplished a lot in his career, but facing his world-champion younger brother in the WWE could be a good bookend on his career.

AEW Dustin Rhodes and Swerve Strickland Goldust
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Cody thinks the end of the story between him and his brother would be being able to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. He goes on to talk about how proud he is of his brother for all of his accomplishments. Cody Rhodes stated on older brother Dustin:

“Even if he didn’t pick me. I’d be so excited to be there. He obviously deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He meets the criteria to do so … I would work on that speech endlessly if given the opportunity. Somebody who deserves it from a wrestling perspective, but the thing I am most proud of him about, and forever will be, was so many people in the entertainment industry can’t get clean when they have these demons. 

“… They get kinda clean, they yo-yo, they go back and forth. Never was there a better example of somebody who just cut it all off. Cut out all that negativity and found this whole new chapter … Even though he’s my older brother, I’m very proud of him.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcription

In his earlier run in WWE, Cody Rhodes was a perennial midcarder, much like Dustin Rhodes They both showed a lot of talent and potential, but WWE never gave them that push to the top of the card. Cody Rhodes ultimately left the company, forging himself into a top Superstar before eventually returning to WWE in 2022. By that time, WWE was finally ready to elevate Cody Rhodes to a higher main-event level.

This culminated in the main event at WrestleMania 40: Night 2, where Cody Rhodes defeated the longtime champion Roman Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Cody’s most recent match was this past Saturday when AJ Styles at WWE Backlash France in his first televised title defense. After a hard-fought match, Cody Rhodes came out on top.

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Dustin has focused much of his time helping backstage. His in-ring time is infrequent and has been as a fill-in role as when he replaced an injured Keith Lee in December. He has not held any gold in AEW, but there is still time for that. Hopefully, he will get a reign as AEW World Champion before he finally retires.

Would you like to see one more match between Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes in WWE? Do you think Dustin will get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Would you like to see Cody induct him? If not Cody, who do you think should induct him? Let us know on social media if you would like to see Dustin have a run as AEW World champion.

SOURCE: Wrestling Inc., Cheap Heat, Wrestling Inc.

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