Corey Glover of Living Colour Reveals CM Punk’s Powerful Devotion to ‘Cult Of Personality’

The lead vocalist of Living Colour, Corey Glover, who performs CM Punk’s "Cult Of Personality" theme recently shared some interesting details about Punk and his song, which Punk uses as an entrance theme.

The lead vocalist of Living Colour, Corey Glover, who performs CM Punk’s “Cult Of Personality” theme recently shared some interesting details about Punk and his song, which Punk uses as an entrance theme. Glover reveals that Punk refuses to use any other theme and gives some insight into how the licensing works.

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CM Punk is unapologetically himself. This is nothing new for wrestling fans, but what is interesting is how loyal he is to things like his theme song. “Cult Of Personality: has become synonymous with Punk. It makes it hard to believe he has ever had a different theme, but he did before taking the classic as his entrance theme.

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The lead vocalist of Living Colour, Corey Glover, was recently a guest on Drinks With Johnny and revealed he became a fan of wrestling again because of CM Punk. He also revealed that it was his theme long before he started wrestling and how important the theme is to Punk.

“I am now (a pro wrestling fan) now, now that (CM) Punk’s around … And then to find out that this guy, who went from backyard to the WWE, WWF to back to ACW (AEW) and then back to WWE and the whole time, he never let go of Cult of Personality as his entrance music. The way he tells it was like, when he was in Little League in the suburbs of Chicago, the team’s entrance music was Cult of Personality. Evidently, they had a very progressive coach and he really dug the song. So he kept it his whole career.”

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A Theme Almost Made For CM Punk

The Cult Of Personality theme works perfectly for Punk. It works well for all popular wrestlers because the concept of Cult Of Personality is a careful crafting of someone’s public image. That is exactly what pro wrestling is, a character created to gain support. However, Punk has another key aspect which is a devout love and admiration for the individual and they are seen as sometimes figuratively and other times literally like a God.

Punk has gathered a very devoted fan base and they can be blind to his flaws. He got into two physical altercations while in AEW, with the second causing him to be fired. He picked up a reputation as being difficult to work with and being toxic. However, his fans have stayed by his side and he remains a big money draw no matter where he goes because of his Cult Of Personality.

WWE Jey Uso and CM Punk
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Glover revealed that Punk always fought to get Cult Of Personality as his theme, even when WWE wanted him to use their in-house music division. He also revealed that he may have it in his contract that wherever he goes his theme will be Cult Of Personality.

“Like I said, back in the day when Punk was first going to WWF, they were like, ‘Okay, so we’re gonna get you your own entrance music.’ He’s like, ‘No, I already have entrance music.’ He made it a point that I’m not changing my entrance music. Because they had their own music division of the WWF and they were gonna have somebody make up a song that sounded similar to Cult of Personality.

“But that was gonna be his entrance music. ‘No, I don’t want that. I want the real thing.’ He’s like one of the talent that actually got that in his contract that wherever he goes, that goes with him … Car payments are good because of CM Punk.”

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Prior to 2011, CM Punk used “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage. It is a lot faster and angrier than Cult Of Personality. The two songs sound nothing alike and give a completely different vibe to his entrance and character. It is hard to imagine him going back using that song again or that he ever did.

Glover revealed how the licensing works for WWE to use “Cult Of Personality.” He said WWE licenses it for particular events like WrestleMania and for a whole season of RAW. It is a pretty good paycheck for himself according to Glover.

Punk is currently not cleared to wrestle after he tore his triceps at Royal Rumble in late January. It required surgery to repair and has been on the sidelines since. However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a part of WWE TV.

WWE CM Punk and Drew McIntyre
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Punk was on the commentary team for the Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre match at WrestleMania. He has also been an active presence on RAW as WWE is setting up a feud for himself and McIntyre. It is not known when he will be cleared to wrestle again, but it seems like it will be soon with how hard WWE is pushing the feud with McIntyre.

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What do you think of using real-life songs as theme songs? Do you think “Cult Of Personality” is a good theme song? Does it fit CM Punk perfectly? If he had to use a different theme what song would you choose for Punk? Do you think Punk is close to returning to in-ring action? Let us know on social media if you are surprised that Punk hasn’t gotten into a fight in WWE yet since he couldn’t avoid drama in AEW.

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