POWER RANGERS: Playmates Partners With Hasbro to Release New Toys Starting Next Year

Hasbro reveals new deal as Playmates Toys acquire Power Rangers toy license. New releases have been teased that will be released in 2025.
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Power Rangers toys are set to evolve as Hasbro announces a global licensing agreement with Playmates Toys. The iconic toy producers renowned for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Miraculous, and even Voltron lines, will start creating new products for kids. With the reboot of the next upcoming project, fans can already anticipate a whole new range of releases for 2025, which could range from figures to full sets. This may also include even more items as the reveal teases potential toys that will appeal to all ages. 

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Power Rangers is currently on a hiatus as fans await news for the future of the Power Rangers universe. The comics by Boom! Studios are currently the only source of hype, which are set to end the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series in July. All eyes are now looking for news of the Power Rangers reboot since Hasbro Pulse revealed a pause of new toys, including the highly demanded Lightning Collection line. The latest releases before the hiatus included the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Morpher and the legendary Lightning Collection Master Morpher, featuring lines from Jason David Frank. 

Playmates Toys to Begin Power Rangers Line in latest Hasbro Licensing Agreement 

Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, today announced a global licensing agreement with Playmates Toys, a global toy design, development, marketing, and distribution company, to produce and distribute new Power Rangers products. Playmates will debut its first collection for the franchise with a kid-targeted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy line later in 2025.

As part of the agreement, Playmates holds licensing rights to develop additional cross-category POWER RANGERS products, including action figures, blasters, plush, role play, vehicles and accessories. The deal encompasses global distribution across all regions excluding Asia. 

“We are honored to work with Hasbro on the reimagination of this iconic franchise’s toy line for long time fans and a new generation of children. Playmates and Hasbro speak the same toy language and share a passion for POWER RANGERS, a multi-generational phenomenon that has stood the test of time,”

Karl Aaronian, Playmates’ SVP of Marketing

Hasbro will retain all entertainment rights and will continue to drive global strategy and growth for the POWER RANGERS franchise by strategically working with licensees across multiple categories, including publishing, fashion and footwear, promotions, and more. Hasbro will also further activate the brand across its direct-to-consumer channel Hasbro Pulse and as part of its presence at major industry events like San Diego Comic-Con. 

“Playmates’ ability to interpret character-based story telling in highly detailed, innovative, and affordable products has revitalized several iconic brands, they are the perfect fit to fully expand the POWER RANGERS franchise. While we’ll continue to provide oversight and direction on future POWER RANGERS product ranges, Playmates will leverage its action figure and accessory design, development and marketing expertise to create an entirely new play and collecting experience for fans of all ages. With two powerhouse companies coming together to support a powerhouse brand, the potential is limitless!”

Casey Collins, President of Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro

Celebrating 30 continuous years on the air, the Power Rangers franchise has become one of the longest-running kids’ live-action series in television history, with more than 900 episodes aired to date. Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993 with MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, the series celebrated its 30th year in 2023 with MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: ONCE & ALWAYS, an anniversary special streaming exclusively on Netflix. The most recent season of the franchise, Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, is currently available exclusively on Netflix. 

The fandom has shown concern for this news, but this is more exciting than many are giving credit for. The IPs that Playmates Toys have produced items for so far are already a great highlight of what could be coming our way. This news has also caused concern as many fans want the Lightning Collection line to continue but there are many ways that these upcoming releases could expand the line-up rather than reduce. However, this may also allow for a great mix of new releases that can be greatly reduced for kids. 

The Voltron Lions are a great example of what the team can do for Megazords, but many fans may also be interested in the playsets. TMNT included various locations and vehicles that would be perfect for the series to feature. It will be interesting to see whether this line is linked to the upcoming reboot or if a nostalgic line will begin the first line-up of toys. Fans anxiously await big announcements this Summer, but finally, everyone has a massive release to look forward to in 2025. 

Playmates Toys will release the new toy lines in 2025, with reveals expected closer to the time. The products and items have yet to be shown as fans await big announcements from Hasbro regarding the future reboot series. 

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What do you think of this revealed license agreement with Playmates Toys? Are you hoping for bigger releases in 2025 with these new lines? Do you want to see the Lightning Collection return with even more figures to feature? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news. 

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