Jade Cargill Talks About Teaming With The Powerful Bianca Belair And Loud European Crowds

Jade Cargill reveals what it's like fighting alongside Bianca Belair in front of devoted European fans.
WWE Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair

Jade Cargill talks about why her and Bianca Belair make such a great team and what a great experience wrestling in front of European crowds was. Cargill has been putting the women’s division on notice lately and it is hard for the whole world to not notice what a major force she is.

Jade Cargill was the most dominant woman in AEW when she first started wrestling. She decided it was time for her to make her way to WWE. In September she signed with WWE. From that point to January she was missing from WWE TV and only appeared backstage occasionally. However, in January at the Royal Rumble she appeared in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

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WWE Jade Cargill
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From that point on Jade Cargill has been wrestling more and more. The peak of her WWE career so far has been winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at Backlash France with Bianca Belair.

On a recent episode of Battleground Podcast, Jade Cargill talked about why her and Bianca Belair make such a good team. She thinks one of the reasons they are so good is because they share a lot of the same strengths.

“We’re two strong females. We go out there, we’re both a hybrid. She can do all the athletic things, I can do all the athletic things. She’s strong, she’s ‘The EST.’ I’m just as strong, or stronger.”

Via Wrestling Inc.

A Dominate Force Comes To WWE

WWE Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair and Kabuki Warriors Asuka and kairi Sane
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Long before Cargill signed with WWE and she was still in AEW, fans were fantasy booking Cargill vs. Belair. For WWE to immediately pair them up made a lot of people happy.

At Backlash France, Cargill and Belair challenged The Kabuki Warriors, Asuka and Kairi Sane, for the tag team championships. The pair put on a very impressive performance. Apart they are very dangerous, but together they may be unstoppable and they showed it that night.

Cargill has a lot of respect for the women in the locker room and their ability. However, is confident she can tear through the competition and praises WWE for pairing her and Belair together.

“The entire locker room is phenomenal. They’re all talented women. The fact that they put two powerhouses together. I don’t know about the other women, what they’re going to do, but we’re definitely gonna elevate this boat and tear through the locker room.”

Via Wrestling Inc.

Moving To The Big Time

WWE Jade Cargill
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Cargill has already taken the first step in tearing through the locker room and becoming just as dominant as she was in AEW by winning gold in WWE. Backlash France showed the world what she is capable of.

However, WWE is a whole new level of competition from AEW. Cargill has made it to the big time and is doing things AEW doesn’t normally do like touring internationally. She recently returned from touring in Europe. The crowds in Europe are very different from the US fans.

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Just how different fans are over in Europe could be seen at Backlash France with how loud the French fans were. They were singing not just entrance music, but songs specific to France. Cargill talked about what an unique experience wrestling for European fans was.

“It was so many feelings. I felt everything guys. It’s memorable, it’s flooring. Oh my gosh, it’s humbling, it’s electrifying. They’re so many words I could put to that. The crowd in France, and in Europe in general, Italy, Austria, it’s crazy, it’s electrifying. It makes you want to go out there and do more. 

“I remember at the live shows I didn’t even want to leave. It was so many people who were so thankful for us to be there because we don’t do those type of tours all the time. And at one point security had to, ‘Let’s go, we gotta go, we gotta go.’ Because the fans were so thankful. It shows you why this all is worth it.”  

Via Wrestling Inc.

Is Jade Cargill About To Become A Queen?

WWE Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair
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Even though Cargill has one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships around her waist she is still looking for more. She and Belair are currently in the Queen of the Ring tournament. On this week’s SmackDown Cargill will face Nia Jax and Belair will face Tiffany Stratton. If both women get the victory they will have to face each other in the semi-finals.

The King and Queen of the Ring will take place on May 25. It will be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, so the women will be wearing bodysuits. My predictions for the tournament finals are Cargill vs. IYO Sky and for the men’s side is GUNTHER vs. LA Knight. We’ll see if I’m right.

What do you think about WWE teaming Jade Cargill with Bianca Belair? Should WWE have started them in a feud when Cargill first debuted? Do you think they will face off in the next round of the QOTR tournament? Who do you think will win the QOTR and KOTR? Let us know on social media if you think Cargill should move on to singles gold after King and Queen of the Ring.

Sources: Wrestling Inc., Battleground Podcast, Wrestling Inc. 

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