DIGIMON LIBERATOR Reveals Chapter Release Schedule with Chapter 2

Digimon TCG finally announces release schedule for upcoming Web Comic Chapters of Digimon Liberator.

Digimon Liberator reveals the release schedule for Chapters, including the debut of Chapter 2. The new Digimon webcomic has revealed the schedule for each installment of the story, which is featured on the website. Digimon Card Game has also revealed the systematic release of the comic on Webtoon and Global Comix. This will feature as another way to access the comic around the world after website overload. 

Digimon Liberator started the story for the new webcomic that features Shoto and Arisa entering Liberator. The story features the Digimon Card Game in a Full-Dive VR world called Lacuna as the next challenge for Tamers and gamers. The entirety of Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 were released on April 25, 2024, which caused an overload on the website. Due to extreme demand, the release availability was extended to Webtoon and Global Comix to uninterrupted support access worldwide. 

Digimon Liberator Set for Fortnightly Chapters Starting Next Week 

After an epic start to the story, Digimon Liberator will finally unleash the next chapters starting this week. The official Digimon Card Game X revealed the schedule will begin with Chapter 2 released on the official website on Thursday, May 16. The debut is followed by the Global Comix and Webtoon release on Friday. After, all continuing installments will be released every 2 weeks, giving fans a solid schedule of content. 

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This multiplatform debut was caused by the overwhelming use of the website, causing fans to stress over reading the first two releases. This previously meant that fans were unable to load all pages or even start the story due to the unexpected flood of Digimon fans trying to access the comic online. Thankfully, the team behind the new webcomic has included more sources to ensure fans can enjoy the comic without complications from exceeding demand. 

It has been an unexpectedly long wait for fans as everyone can’t wait to start the next installment. Digimon Liberator has shown just how big demand has been since the website struggled to handle the surge of fans. Seeing that the overload caused so many problems that many couldn’t even read the comic, was an awful delight. However, the team should be given all the love and hype for adding the online comic to other outlets to help with the accessibility. 

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This surge of desire for the story will likely help the Digimon Card Game become even more widespread. It already features a captivating story in the first 2 chapters alone. Hopefully, fans could one day experience the Liberator gaming world as VR could help make that happen with the Meta Quest 3. However, whether it be a virtual reality game or even a console game, this comic has the perfect experience that fans will want to dive into more as the tale unravels. 

Digimon Liberator Chapter 2 will be available on May, 16, via the official Digimon Card Game Website. The latest installment for the online webcomic will debut on Friday, May 17, for Global Comix & Webtoon, following the same release pattern. 

What do you think of Digimon Liberator so far? Are you excited about the next installment releasing? Did the last chapter have you on the edge of your seat? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon news. 

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Source: Digimon TCG  


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