Power Rangers Dino Fury Theory: Could Mick Become The Brown Ranger?

Recently official images from Power Rangers Dino Fury have been released showing Power Rangers alum Kelson Henderson returning to the show as Mick Kanic from Power Rangers Ninja Steel. While it’s currently unclear to what extent the character will be returning, most fans have assumed that Mick will once again be the mentor for this […]

Ryusoulger’s Kinjo Mana Passes Away at 24

Kinjo Mana, best known for play Ui Tatsui on Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, passed away on December 1st. Mana’s agency confirmed her passing was due to a currently unspecified illness on the actress’s official Twitter page as well as her blog. Kinjo Mana Thanks Fans For Their Support Over the Years In the post, it mentions […]