Ryusoulger Is Expected To Be Hasbro’s 2021 Adaptation For Power Rangers: EXCLUSIVE

Fans are looking forward Hasbro’s next adaptation of Power Rangers, which The Illuminerdi’s sources are saying will be Ryusoulger in 2021.
Ryusoulger Super Sentai

Next month is usually the time when we’d be expecting an announcement on a new season of Power Rangers, but the next one won’t hit the air until 2021. Hasbro has a lot to choose from as far as themes go. They could go with trains by adapting ToQger, space and the constellations with Kyuranger, wild animals with Zyuohger, or even cops and robbers with Patranger vs Lupinranger. It looks like Hasbro may be returning Power Rangers to their roots with another dino season by going with Ryusoulger.

Why Ryusoulger Is The Right Choice For Power Rangers

Ryusoulger Power Rangers

A source close to Hasbro has told us that the next season would actually be Ryusoulger, the dinosaur-based Super Sentai. Many fans of Super Sentai had mixed feeling on Ryusoulger‘s storyline, but as seen with Power Rangers’ Beast Morphers, Hasbro can really make the season their own.

Hasbro taking the franchise back to dinosaurs makes a lot of sense. First, the dinosaur motif is what put Power Rangers on the map to begin with, and being the new owner, Hasbro would want to reduplicate its success.

This could also open the door to referencing or even bringing back more original Rangers by tying this series directly back to the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, though that is just speculation on my part. At the end of the day, it’s all about toy sales and nothing in Power Rangers has sold better than the dino toys.


Our Credibility

I know what you’re thinking. Who is this person to claim what the new season is going to be? What credibility does he have? Well, I broke some of the biggest Power Rangers news at my old outlet, That Hashtag Show. I broke that Austin St. John would be returning for the Dino Team-Up in Beast Morphers, I also reported that Koda would be returning for the Christmas Episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and one I’m really proud of is which Rangers were returning for the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, Dimensions in Danger. This information is from the same source that told me Roxy and Blaze would be Enter and Escape from Go-Buster. Having recently departed That Hashtag Show, I’m now bringing all of my Power Rangers exclusives right here to The Illuminerdi.

Why Hasbro Didn’t Go With Kyuranger


It’s worth noting that Hasbro isn’t interested in Kyuranger because of the large roster of Rangers and the Yellow Ranger’s outward-pointing helmet being a serious safety hazard and felt that would be too hard to get around. The official announcement on the next series of Power Rangers is expected to be next month. There’s a chance this could change between now and then but a slim chance seeing as we’re a month away.

Fun Fact

Here’s a fun fact: Jurassic World 3 is set to hit theaters in 2021, which is when the Ryusoulger season would debut. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers debuted back in 1993, which was the same year as the first Jurassic Park film. In 2015, Power Rangers Dino Charge debuted the same year as Jurassic World.

What do you guys think of Ryusoulger being the next season of Power Rangers? Leave a message in the comments below.


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