Apex Legends: The Year in Review (Part 4 of 7)

This time around, our Apex Legends year in review tackles the town takeovers and how successful they've been since the same opened.

We’ve previously covered the holiday events and the themed events offered by Apex Legends in 2019. This time around, let’s talk about map changes via the game’s limited-time Town Takeovers!

Apex Legends Town Takeovers

Apex Legends’ most recent events include Town Takeovers, wherein a small section of the world map is replaced with a character-themed set piece.  These set pieces include some kind of cosmetic flavor inspired by the character in question, as well as some kind of game play element to mix up encounters in those areas.  To date, there have been three Town Takeovers: Octane’s Gauntlet and Singh Labs (both in Season 2) and Mirage Voyage (Season 3).

Octane’s Gauntlet

Apex Legends Octanes-Gauntlet
The flaming ring of death tempted players with purple armor and other rare gear…

One of the other cool things that Apex Legends did in “Iron Crown” was change the “King’s Canyon” map. Respawn wiped one of the small clusters of outlying buildings away, and replaced it with a small battle arena called Octane’s Gauntlet. Rife with jump pads, and a big flaming hoop with some rare or legendary item danging tantalizingly in the center, the Gauntlet was a very popular drop spot. Jumping through the air, trying to take down opponents similarly airborne, and sliding down ramps to escape a bad situation – it was a blast!

Beyond the jump pads and everything, Octane’s Gauntlet was a great example of Respawn’s ability with designing encounter areas. The ramps and platforms of the Gauntlet offered elevated terrain for good firing positions, but the area also had great places to take cover. The ramps and small structures broke up lines of fire, forcing you to move and anticipate where your opponents would move. The area was open enough that you could employ a sniper rifle, but you could also use the jump pads and ramps to surprise enemies with a shotgun or machine gun.

Octane’s favorite place to make new friends!

And the best thing was, it was a temporary distraction at best. Your time in the Gauntlet was short-lived, because you’d have to move on to find more ammo or better loot, so it didn’t get stale.

Singh Labs

So edgy. So, so edgy.

Like “Iron Crown”, the “Voidwalker” event made another map change. Octane’s Gauntlet was dismantled and a giant roiling blue portal was added, looming ominously over the swamps section of the map.

Known as Singh Labs, the new site offered an exterior area with supply crates to loot and storage containers to take cover behind or use for high ground. More importantly, the portal allowed players to drop directly into it and get zapped into the interior of the labs. The interior only consisted of a large foyer with two sets of massive doors, four rooms, and two hallways – and it was always a slaughterhouse. Too little room for the dozens of players that tried to take control of the labs, and too little loot to go around, meant that it proved to be a chaotic and messy landing zone.

But it was fun! The portal offered as quick an escape as it did an entrance, spewing players into the air so you could reposition in another part of King’s Canyon. The tight confines forced you to fight quick and dirty, often throwing punches to knock opponents away from a valuable weapon or armor. It was glorious, albeit somewhat frustrating when 6 opposing Caustic players all dropped their gas traps immediately…

Not that I’m salty about it or anything…

The really cool thing about Sing Labs was the lore that it added. This Town Takeover came with an animated cinematic for Wraith, expanding on her story and the origins of her voidwalking powers. It also teased the release of Crypto, with rumors circulating that he could be seen through a window in the new area.

A wild Crypto appears!

Mirage Voyage

Mirage’s airship/party boat is very festive this time of year…

Season 3’s “Holo-Day Bash” introduced a map change of its own by parking the Mirage Voyage – an ostentatious airship/pleasure yacht owned by the character Mirage – just south of the Lava Fissure area of the “World’s Edge” map. This new location offers a bunch of holographic duplicates of Mirage running around (which sometimes makes it confusing when you’re fighting an actual Mirage player), and supply crates galore.

And once you push the big red button that starts the party, there are also fireworks, air horns, bass-heavy music, and bombastic announcements by Mirage himself.

Of course the giant holograms are of Mirage himself. He might be a little vain…

Here’s a pro tip: In one of the compartments, there are disco balls hanging from the ceiling that are actually supply drone spheres. Shooting them will unleash a shower of loot, and it’s usually pretty good stuff! Best of all, a lot of other players don’t seem to notice them, as I find generally find them untouched when I search the ship.

Like Octane’s Gauntlet and Sing Labs, Mirage Voyage offers a great new addition to the map, keeping things fresh and exciting. It’s a popular drop spot, meaning there are lots of people scuffling over the available loot, and racing each other to get the party started.


Apex Legends Season 2’s Town Takeover takes the cake. Between the expanded story and lore elements, the addition of the void for redeployment, and the cramped fighting quarters of Singh Labs itself, it was the biggest shake-up of the three Takeover events. Here’s hoping Respawn implements this formula more often going forward for the other Legends!

Whether you’re Silver IV or an Apex Predator, don’t miss out on tomorrow’s article – we’ll be diving into Apex Legends‘ Ranked mode!


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