Henry Cavill Is Now A Mod For The Witcher 3

If you love Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia on Netflix's The Witcher series, you can now paste his face onto his character in The Witcher 3 mod thanks to a mod.
henry cavill in the witcher 3

Henry Cavill was a divisive choice for Geralt of Rivia when The Witcher was first announced as a Netflix series. Some thought he was too young, others too stiff, and still others thought the mystery of what he’d look like in a bathtub was gone thanks to Batman Vs. Superman. Yes, I admit it, the last “other” was me.

Now that The Witcher has premiered on the streaming platform to mostly positive reviews, fandom is singing a different tune. So different, in fact, that even gamers are getting in on the craze. As reported by PCGamesN, user Adnan4444 on NexusMods has developed a helpful mod that replaces the White Wolf’s face with none other than Henry Cavill’s.

Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra Are Digitally Reborn

digital anya chalotra and henry cavill

The Witcher himself isn’t alone in this gaming recreation, as his costar Anya Chalotra is included in the mod. Given her stellar performance on the show, it’s no wonder she’s won over hearts and minds that were previously set against her.

Adnan444’s mod includes different textures and and alterations for the Geralt and Yennefer of Vengerberg mods that gives players plenty of options to choose from. And the merging of Witcher worlds is just getting starting, as there are also recommendations for other mods that will add an extra Netflix touch to the game in everything from armor to amulets. And if you want Geralt to be as big of a Superman fan as Henry Cavill himself is? Well, you can gift him a pair of themed boxers and call it a day.

Some fans may not want to sully their The Witcher 3 gaming experience with television inspirations, but it’s fun to see the option available. And if it helps get a few show fans to dive into the game, then the more the merrier. Not to mention that Adnan’s work is incredibly realistic and impressive – so much so that I almost want to grab the PC version for the mod alone.

The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix, and the series has already been renewed for a second season. What show inspired mods would you like to see, or do you hope they all get wiped out by mages? Let us known in the comments below.


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