Apex Legends: The Year in Review (Part 7 of 7)

The last part of the Apex Legends year in review is actually ranking the seasons, based on how much enjoyment each part of Respawn's game brought to its users.

Over the last week, we’ve been doing a rundown of the content offered by Respawn’s battle royale, Apex Legends. We’ve covered the game’s Holiday Events, Weapons, Themed Events, Town Takeovers, Characters, and Ranked Mode.

Now, it’s time to decide which Apex season is the best so far. Let’s get to it!

Apex Legends Seasons 1-3

So, which Season has been the best so far?

Season 1

Apex Legends Season 1
You never forget your first time playing a great game!

Season 1 ended with the “Legendary Hunter” event, but it didn’t offer much prior to that other than the basic gameplay and King’s Canyon as a playground. Despite that, it still stands out fresh in my memory. As they say, you never forget the first time you meet true love, and I definitely fell in love with Apex Legends back in its inaugural season.

Season 2

Apex Legends Solos
Solo mode was an awesome, and much-needed, change of pace.

Apex Legends Season 2 had “Iron Crown” and “Voidwalker,” and I loved solo-play as much as the team-play that makes up the core Apex experience. “Armed and Dangerous” was a challenge, but one that I learned to appreciate and enjoy by the time it ended. And the two new map areas, Octane’s Gauntlet and Singh Labs, added some really fresh and dynamic locations to do battle with the other teams. Plus, Season 2 did change up King’s Canyon by drastically altering some of the map areas, forcing people to relearn where the good loot was and where to find refuge to heal their wounds.

Season 3

Apex Legends Fight or Fright
A couple of my Apex buddies argued that Shadowfall wasn’t fun…

Season 3’s “Shadowfall” event was my favorite so far, due to the constantly shifting flow of the game mode. “Winter Express” is my least favorite, though, so it kind of balances out “Shadowfall” and puts Season 3 back on an even footing with the other two. Mirage Voyage is fun and very thematic, but feels like it has less to offer than the previous Town Takeovers as far as gameplay mechanics that change up the inevitable fights taking place there.


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