No Time To Die Theme Song To Be Written & Performed By Billie Eilish

Popular singer Billie Eilish will write and perform the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, as confirmed by the artist herself.
Billie Eilish No Time To Die

It’s safe to say that one of the most popular artists at the moment in the music industry is the teenage success story Billie Eilish. The Grammy winning artist is best known for songs such as “Bad Guy”, “Bury a Friend” and many more. Billie has already had her music featured in a couple of cinematic projects, such as in the marketing for Jay Roach’s Bombshell, as well as the end credits of part-supervillain, part-horror flick Brightburn. However, she is about to level up when it comes to her involvement, as she will write and perform the theme song for the next James Bond flick, No Time To Die.

Rumours started to swirl earlier today when the 18 year old artist began to post videos and images of previous Bond women on her Instagram story, leading many to believe that she could perform the theme for Bond 25. This was then later confirmed by the artist herself when she posted an image of the 007 logo on her Instagram with the caption “No Time To Die” JAMES BOND. AND I AM SINGING THE THEME SONG. ?????? WHAAT”

No Time To Die For Billie Eilish

Just to give fans a more concrete confirmation of the news, the official James Bond Twitter account also posted a tweet stating that Eilish would indeed be performing the brand new theme for Daniel Craig’s final endeavour as the suave agent.

As of this moment, there is not a lot known about the new song, not even the title yet. However we do know that she will be writing the song with her brother, Finneas Eilish. This should not come as a shock to anybody who knows Eilish and her music, as she collaborates with her brother on the majority of her musical projects. They have made a pretty successful team so far, and it definitely seems like bringing in Finneas is a wise decision.

James Bond: No Time To Die

This is the second update we have received recently regarding the musical department of No Time To Die. It was recently confirmed that score composing legend Hans Zimmer would be taking over composing duties following the departure of Dan Romer who left the project over “creative differences” with the studio.

It seems like No Time To Die is going to be a treat for the ears for movie fans and music fans alike. With the combination of Billie Eilish and Hans Zimmer, this is bound to be one of the most exciting and interesting sounding films of the year with both it’s score and soundtrack.

Are you excited for Billie’s take on a Bond theme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check back for more updates on the film.


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