Rogue One Writer Would Be Happy To Tackle A Star Fox Film

Gary Whitta, the writer of Star Fox, has expressed interested in writing an animated film about the spaceship shooter after seeing some amazing art.
star fox and gary whitta

Gary Whitta, who penned the Star Wars one-shot Rogue One, has expressed interest in taking on an animated Star Fox film. His attention was grabbed by some fabulous artwork of the Nintendo favorite that’s been making the rounds in the past week. God Of War Art Director Raf Grasetti shared his new and improved take on beloved characters from the spaceship shooter game, prompting Whitta’s excited response.

star fox 2

You can see the style and detail that Grasetti infused into his Star Fox renditions below, which would certainly be something to behold if such animation made it to the big screen. As much as fans enjoy the game itself and animations therein, the difference in realism and gritty space opera stylings is clear. Whitta obviously agreed, as it inspired him to volunteer as the screenwriter for such a film.

The Star Fox Team-Up We Deserve

The highly realistic depictions of Fox McCloud and friends would certainly lend themselves to a film written by the man who killed off everybody in Rogue One. And even if it wasn’t fully animated, who wouldn’t want to see a Detective Pikachu-style movie using Grassetti’s visuals and Whitta’s words? I, for one, would be all for it.

Does that sound like a movie you’d like to see, or are there other Nintendo properties or video game characters you’d like to see brought to the big screen first? Let us know in the comments below.