Superman & Lois Casting For Mercy Graves And More: EXCLUSIVE

As Superman & Lois inches closer to production, the DC Comics series is casting its Mercy Graves along with other important characters.
superman & lois casting

As Superman & Lois inches closer to its 2021 premiere date, presuming COVID-19 complications don’t delay it further, the upcoming CW series is closing in on the rest of its cast.

Previously, the show revealed the members of the Lang-Cushing family – all of whom are new to DC Comics aside from first love Lana herself. They also cast Lois and Clark’s two teenage sons, Jonathan and Jordan, and it was revealed at DC FanDome that they will each be dealing with “disparate needs” and perhaps embroiled in a love triangle with young Sara Cushing.


The Illuminerdi previously broke several casting calls and character descriptions back in March, and now we’re back with a few more. Among them is at least one very significant character in DC’s rich history, Mercy Graves, and others makes for very interesting question marks. Shall we look up in the sky and find out if they’re birds or planes?

Adding To The Superman Family

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First and foremost, a woman in her 30s and of open ethnicity is listed as Leslie. Considering that she is described as the right hand man to the world’s arguably most influential figure, it’s pretty easy to guess this is none other than Mercy Graves. We’ve already seen a Berlantiverse version of her in DC Universe’s Titans, but in Superman & Lois she’s an embittered and hardened employee who was once a dreamer.

She’s described as physically fit and strong, which makes sense if she’s going to fulfill any of her Amazonian bodyguard duties from certain versions. For now she’s a major recurring character, but who knows what the future holds?

Over at the Smallville Gazette, it looks like Lois Lane will have a young reporter to mentor who may be an original character. Chrissy is a female reporter in her 20s, and while the description says open ethnicity, it also emphasizes a search for an actress of South Asian (specifically Pakistani) descent. Chrissy apparently has foot-in-mouth syndrome, but is an ambitious individual whose dreams of something better take hold after meeting her idol.

Might that idol be Superman or Lois herself? Either way, she’s geared for longevity, as her recurring guest star arc in Season 1 comes with a fractional series regular option for Season 2.

Finally, Sam Foswell is a recurring character in his 40s who is the latest editor of the Daily Planet. He may seem rough and irascible, but he’s a big softie on the inside. Everything about him screams Perry White, except for the idea of being “newly-minted” since Clark was dealing with Perry back in S2 of Supergirl.

That being said, this is a Post-Crisis world where Clark and Lois have two teenage sons. So why not make Perry the rookie editor of their old haunt? If not, it’s possible they may be casting another well-known editor-in-chief such as George Taylor. If he’s back in Metropolis, Superman & Lois probably won’t be using him that often.

And that’s all, folks! What do you think of the expanding world of Superman & Lois? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and check back with The Illuminerdi for more DC Comics news and features.