Taika Waititi Demands New IG-11 Petition to Return to The Mandalorian

Director Taika Waititi has taken to social media to demand the return of fan-favorite droid, IG-11, to The Mandalorian.
IG-11 Taika Waititi

In case you haven’t noticed, filmmaker Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), has become a huge deal as of late. With directing credits including Jojo Rabbit and What We Do In The Shadows, as well as new-found commercial success with the Thor franchise, things keep looking up for the multi-talented auteur.

Waititi made an unexpected splash in November, when he debuted as the voice behind the dedicated droid, IG-11, in the new Disney+ hit, The Mandalorian. However, it seems the successful director, writer, and actor, doesn’t quite want to let go of his voice acting with character IG-11, not without a fight any way.

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Taika Waititi Takes it to the Tweets

Waititi has even gone to Twitter with his idea to petition for the character to make a return to the small screen. He tweets, “I feel we just need to start a petition because I think the character, really, he held up the entire season, didn’t he? From episode one all the way through, he was the hero.” So now it is up to fans of the critically acclaimed The Mandalorian to see if they share the same sentiment that Taika does for his character. Although you get the feeling that Waititi is joking more than being serious, once you consider the character’s arc over the course of the season.

The fact that he is calling for the petition leads me to believe that Taika would still like to be involved in the show regardless if they brought IG-11 back or not. Now for him directing a couple of episodes in the highly anticipated second season, that is a petition we could all definitely get behind.

Sadly as much as the character showcased Waititi’s comedic chops, the droid’s redemption and selflessness could be minimized by his return. If the showrunners ultimately decided to go in that direction. Also, consider the absence of Kuiil (Nick Nolte) the main man behind IG-11’s drastic change in programming. Without one it would be hard to justify the other.

So in the words of the Ugnaught himself ” I have spoken.” Do you want to see more IG-11? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: The Wrap