Paige Has An Interesting Theory on The Fiend’s Character

The Fiend Paige

Wrestling superstar Paige recently explained how the Fiend was the best thing going in the WWE, while confirming a theory about the character that many have been wondering about.

Ever since Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt appeared in the Firefly Fun House, the character has captured the fear and the collective imagination of the World Wrestling Entertainment universe. During recent segments, we’ve been introduced to Huskus the Pigboy, Abby the Witch, Rabblin’ Rabbit, Mercy the Buzzard, and ultimately his creepy alter-ego, The Fiend.

Everything about the Fiend seems cool. He walks out with the severed head of Bray Wyatt with a lantern in the mouth and the terrifying mask he wears in the ring will send shivers up your spine. All the while, he seems nearly indestructible when facing his opponents.

The Fiend Mask

WWE has talked a lot about opponents changing after they face The Fiend and Paige may have shed a little light on that phenomenon. During an interview with Oliver Browning from GiveMeSports, Paige opened up about her theory. Here’s what the former WWE Woman’s Champion had to say:

“It’s interesting because every time he wrestles someone they turn into the old-school them. So Daniel Bryan and The Miz turning heel, those are good examples. It’s weird and interesting and I like it.”


The Fiend Turns the Paige on Opponents

This theory is interesting because every single one of the Fiend’s opponents has reverted back to previous stages in their career. After facing Finn Balor at last year’s SummerSlam, Balor reverted back to his moniker, The Prince, which he was known as in NJPW. In addition, Seth Rollin has now made a heel turn with a stable, like he was with The Authority, Daniel Bryan is back doing the Yes movement with short hair and now The Miz is back with his old partner, John Morrison.


WWE hasn’t confirmed this theory but we have the next best thing. Someone on their roster pretty much saying that’s what the company is doing with The Fiend. It’ll be interesting to see if the same goes for more of the Fiend’s opponents.

Who’s Next For The Fiend?

Right now, the Fiend is in a feud with Daniel Bryan, so we’ll have to see how that plays out. A few years ago Bryan joined Wyatt’s Family only to infiltrate the group and tear them apart. It doesn’t look like The Fiend forgave Bryan. Our guess on who’s next is a long shot, but Matt Hardy’s name comes to mind. Bray Wyatt had an epic feud with Hardy when he was the ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy. Wyatt was recently on Twitter saying he wanted to “help” the wrestler in a sinister tweet:

If you look at all of the capital letters in the tweet it reads ‘LET ME IN’, a catchphrase Wyatt uses for the Fiend. This guy never stops…

Who do you think will be the Fiend’s next target? What do you think about Paige’s theory? Let us know in the comments below.


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