DMZ on HBO Max Will Star Rosario Dawson

HBO Max has greenlit DMZ, a series based on the popular and politically-driven DC comic book, with Ava Duvernay at the helm and Rosario Dawson as the lead.
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HBO Max is set to launch in May of 2020, and there’s already an impressive lineup of shows that have been announced. Some of the greats include Green LanternAdventure Time: Distant Lands, and Tokyo Vice, just to name a few. Among the anticipated lineup is DMZ, a pilot order that can claim Rosario Dawson as part of its cast.

DMZ will be directed and executive-produced by the Oscar-nominated Ava DuVernay. Roberto Patino (who worked on Sons of Anarchy and Westworld as a writer) will also be an executive producer, showrunner and writer. DuVernay said of working on the project, “DMZ is a special project to me as it marks a key collaboration with my company Array Filmworks, the excellent team at Warner Bros TV and the dynamo Roberto Patino,” She continued on to say “We’ve all worked diligently on this material, and I’ve witnessed Roberto in action. He’s insanely talented and cares about telling stories with maximum impact and imagination. I’m eager to share this one with DC fans.” 

DMZ obviously already has accomplished people joining the helm. Ava DuVernay recently received critical acclaim for Netflix’s When They See Us, and it now looks like Rosario Dawson has been signed on to lead this exciting new series. 


DMZ in The World of Comics

Previously, DMZ was a popular series published by DC Comics that ran from November 2005 to February 2012 and spanned 72 issues total. The inspiration for the series came to writer Brian Wood after the September 11th, 2001 attacks in New York City, as he witnessed the change in the political climate of the aftermath.

DMZ Comic Cover

The story takes place in the future, after a second American Civil War which results in Manhattan becoming a demilitarized zone (DMZ). A demilitarized zone is an area that forbids any military installations due to treaties or agreements. It is considered neutral territory that neither side is allowed to control. Considering Manhattan is currently known to be a densely populated city, the idea of a demilitarized zone being established there is an intriguing notion for a dystopian drama.

The official logline for the show states that the series chronicles the harrowing journey of a fierce female medic who saves lives while desperately searching for her lost son. But as she contends with the gangs, militias, demagogues and warlords that control this lawless no man’s land, she becomes the unlikely source of what everyone here has lost: hope.” And it looks like Rosario Dawson will be playing the character of Alma, who will be in looking for her lost son. 

Dawson was seen in many things over the years and is considered a fan favorite, especially after her appearance in 2005’s Sin City. She has recently been seen in Jane the Virgin and Zombieland: Double Tap, and she has lent her voice to various projects. DMZ will certainly be an exciting new addition to the many projects that the fans are sure to love. 


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