Clea Will Bring Even More Magic To The MCU In Doctor Strange 2: EXCLUSIVE

Clea Marvel Comics

With Doctor Strange set to explore the multiverse in the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it makes sense that his magical corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would just keep growing. But there have been many notable characters missing from his corner of the MCU, arguably the most glaring absence is of Clea.

The Illuminerdi’s already been able to break the news of the coming arrival of America Chavez and Brother Voodoo but now can also confirm the presence of someone with a deeper relationship with Stephen Strange. From what the Illuminerdi has seen and heard, it appears that Clea will be featured in a major role in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.


Who Is Clea?

Clea first appeared in Strange Tales # 126, remaining unnamed for a short period before taking a more central role in the battles against the Dormammu. She would eventually prove to be one of the most important characters within Doctor Strange’s magical world in Marvel Comics. She is the daughter of the dread Umar – making her the niece of the Dormammu himself. She watched Strange from afar and came to appreciate his courage in the face of her uncle. She would become the only ally for Strange whenever he was trapped in the Dark Dimension, but was taken captive by him for her betrayal.

Strange ended up helping free her, and afterward, she came to live with Strange. They even formed a romantic relationship. The pair eventually made their way back into the Dark Dimension, where they dethroned Umar. Clea then took her place as ruler of the Dark Dimension.

She eventually left the throne, but chaos soon reclaimed the dimension in her absence. Clea ended up leaving Doctor Strange (whose responsibilities on Earth couldn’t let him leave the world alone forever) to lead a resistance to try and liberate the Dark Dimension.


Why Clea Showing Up Is A Big Deal

Marvel Doctor Strange Clea

Clea has long been one of the most prominent romantic interests for Doctor Strange. It even came as a surprise to some fans that she didn’t appear in the previous Doctor Strange film, especially given the prominence of the Dark Dimension. But that film portrayed Dormammu as a more otherworldly threat that lacked any of the kind of humanity that fueled her stories.

Neither Umar or Clea ended up appearing in the original film. However, it’s been noted by some (including CBR) that Clea would fit the bill for the kind of character Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has mentioned wanting her in the past. Feige has hinted that one new character in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is someone he’s long been excited to bring to the films. Given that Clea was initially considered for the original Doctor Strange, it would make sense for her to finally arrive.

The casting call for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness indicates that the film will contain an undisclosed female lead at the center of the narrative. The age range is from late 20’s to early 40’s, which would put her around the same age as her potential romantic paramour Stephen Strange.

She’s also noted as needing to have “leading lady” qualities, which would seem to suggest she’ll be put up against Strange in a major role. It would make sense to bring a new touch of romance to the film, especially following the apparent dissolution of Strange’s romantic relationship with Rachel McAdams’ Claire in the previous film.

On top of that emotional perk, it would give the heroes a major advantage if they had someone at Clea’s power level fighting alongside Doctor Strange. It”d be especially helpful if the threat of the film is in fact (as some in The Illuminerdi suspect) the Scarlet Witch, who Feige has called one of the most powerful Avengers. It’s possible that Clea could follow precedent and hail from a different dimension, ultimately helping Strange from across her natural place in the multiverse. No matter the case, it looks like (alongside Brother Voodoo) Doctor Strange is going to be getting some real powerful backup – no matter what threat comes next.

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