Ten 104% Perfect Moments: A Look Back At The Good Place

After four seasons of The Good Place, there are far too many 104% perfect moments to count in its run. But here's 10 of them, anyway.
the good place moments
Judge in The Good Place

The Judge

Literally every scene with the Judge was a delight. Maya Rudolph is always hilarious and she truly shines as the Judge. From her one-liners to her random fascination with things like Ally McBeal and Timothy Olyphant, everything that came from her was pure comedy gold.

Donkey Doug in The Good Place

The Reveal of Donkey Doug

Jason always had a never-ending collection of insane stories to share with his friends, many of them featuring his boy Donkey Doug. What we didn’t know was that Donkey Doug was actually Jason’s dad, and that reveal was one that had fans talking in disbelief and laughter. Mitch Narito played Donkey Doug perfectly, and absolutely lived up to the expectations everyone had.

Revolt of the Judges

When the Judge agrees with Michael that the system is flawed, she decides to destroy the universe and start over. But suddenly the doors open and a crowd of Janets – including Bad Janets, Neutral Janets, and Disco Janet – appears to block the way. This was because Bad Janet had read Michael’s manifesto on the afterlife.

After teasing us with the mention of Disco Janet, we finally get to see her, and it truly was a treat.

Chidi Volunteers to Erase His Memories

Things were just starting to get a little better for our four humans until the Bad Place played dirty and sent two people that the humans knew as test subjects – one of them being Chidi’s ex-girlfriend, Simone. Knowing he would jeopardize the experiment, Chidi volunteers to get his memory wiped just as he and Eleanor’s relationship was getting to a (more metaphorical) good place.

The slideshow Michael made for the two of them wrecked me pretty hard, along with Chidi telling Eleanor, “Oh, time means nothing. Jeremy Bearimy, baby. We’ll just get through this. And then you and I can chill out in the dot of the eye forever.”


The episode where D’arcy Carden played everyone. Honestly she deserved an Emmy for this episode. She deserves all the awards for this episode. She is a genius, and we all should serve her as our queen.

What more can I say? This episode was a technical feat, and D’arcy Carden was amazing.

Series Finale

Of course, the series finale. Not every show can say they had a truly satisfying ending, but fans of this show will remember the finale for years to come. Even more than the many Easter eggs and throwbacks to old jokes, all of the threads of the story came together in the finale without feeling patronizing or saccharine. It was a finale befitting a show that had so many different themes and morals. And in midst of all of it, the writers managed to teach us one last lesson: how to let go.

There are still so many more moments from The Good Place that we could talk about but those were some of our favorites. Let us know if your favorites made our list, or what other moments you would have added!


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