Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer Comes With New Hints and Teases

While fans eagerly awaited the July 31 release of season 2 of Umbrella Academy, the official trailer has dropped to hopefully hold us over until then.

Since the end of the first season of Umbrella Academy, fans have been waiting anxiously to learn the fates of the dysfunctional family. Soon after its release, Netflix announced a second season, and in early 2020 announced the release date.

While fans eagerly awaited the July 31 release of season 2 of Umbrella Academy, the official trailer has dropped to hopefully hold us over until then. (Proceed with caution, spoilers for season 1 and potential spoilers for season 2 lie ahead).

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What’s New In Umbrella Academy?

From the new trailer released, it seems that the new season will pick right up from the end of the first. We already knew that the siblings were attempting to time travel to course correct their wrongs against Vanya and prevent the end of the world. The trailer shows that they were successful…somewhat.


The Hargreaves are now stuck in 1963, and scattered. Luther seems to have found a place as a professional fighter, Diego is in some sort of institution, Klaus is now a cult leader, Ben is still dead (?), Allison is still experiencing relationship troubles, Vanya seems to be enjoying a semi-normal life, and Five is left to gather all of his siblings up to face the End of the World yet again.

It also seems the show will be going back to their comic roots for inspiration. Readers of the comics will see that the Handler will now be portrayed by a familiar body-with-a-fishbowl-head. It seems we’ll also be visiting the Kennedy assassination, a pretty significant plot point from the comics.

While the new trailer does give us some hints as to what to expect, there are still plenty of things to speculate on. For example, is Ben alive or dead? The trailer shows a moment where the other siblings are still unable to see him, but we also see a different moment where he clearly opens and closes a car door.

Viewers of the season one will remember that Ben was unable to interact with anything physically until the very end when Klaus’s powers were heightened. There’s also a brief moment where we can catch a glimpse of Reginald Hargreaves, which begs the question of whether it’s a different version of Hargreaves, or a ghost summoned through Klaus.

The one constant from last season that we can count on, is the fact that the Commission is still after the Umbrella Academy (specifically number Five). Cameron Britton who’s returning to play Hazel makes a brief appearance in the trailer, though there’s no sign of Mary J. Blige as Cha-Cha (yet). Ellen Page (Vanya), Tom Hopper (Luther), David Castañeda (Diego), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison), Robert Sheehan (Klaus), Aidan Gallagher (Five), and Justin Min (Ben) will of course all be reprising their roles.

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Umbrella Academy Season 2 will be on Netflix on July 31, 2020.


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