Jada Toys’ Impressive Metallic Power Rangers Metalfig Set Is Here for Pre-Order

Jada Toys is preparing to release their brand new Metallic Power Ranger Metalfig set, come take a look and pre-order yours first!
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Power Rangers nostalgia continues as Jada Toys unveils another 20-piece set of Nano Metalfigs to be released soon.

The set features the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team including Lord Drakkon, Zeo Gold and Zeo Green Rangers, Dino Thunder Triassic Ranger, and the modes of Koragg. This collection seems to be starting off in the right direction. as Jada has previously released various 20-piece figure sets, with characters from the DC universe and Harry Potter.  

Jada Toys Is Bringing The Power

Jada Toys has already produced single metal cast figures of the Mighty Morphin team before. The looks of the figures are quite impressive for their size, despite not having the finest detail. These figures seem to be non-poseable and will be a great gift for collectors and fans alike. It’s also nice that this collection will include some fan favorites such as Ninjor, Phantom Ranger, Psycho Red and Gold Zeo Ranger. It will also include villains such as Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Scorpina and Goldar.  


We also notice the two versions of Leanbow, as well as his dark Koragg armor and his wolf warrior red armor. The detail shown in the promotional photos seems to be more than adequate and the fact that certain figures have their weapons locked in, only makes the figures stand out more. 

power rangers Jada Toys collection

This set will be released on February 17th for the price of $25.99. You can pre-order the entire set through Amazon HERE or by clicking the link below. Jada toys and Hasbro may decide to continue issuing different characters in different collections in the future, such as the Lightning collection waves coming soon. Stay with The Illuminerdi for more news and exclusives. 

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