Micro Machines Racing Back to Toy Stores in Fall 2020

Hasbro is bringing back Micro Machines in a partnership with Wicked Cool Toys, including a new playset modeled after Super Van City.
micro machines back

They are small, they are fast, and they are back! Micro Machines from Hasbro are making the way back on the scene.

After disappearing from the stores over a decade ago, Micro Machines are making a comeback for 2020. Hasbro is partnering with Wicked Cool Toys, which was recently purchased by Jazwares, and is planning a new update to revive the brand.


Micro Machines For A New Millenium

Micro Machines 2020
Super Van City 2020?

The toy companies are crafting a transforming playset (Transform… Hasbro… Connection much?), which you can see a sneak peek of above. It’s a redesign of the previously ultra popular Super Van City, and it’s ready fold up and carry wherever you like!

In 1987, Micro Machines was released as the even smaller competition to Mattel’s Hot Wheels. Hasbro’s commercials for the product were popular thanks to the fast-speaking Mr. John Moschitta Jr.’s ability to make them sound like must-haves, but Micro Machines still sadly did fade away from the scene over a decade ago.

The new Micro Machine playset will be modeled in honor of the original microvan set that was popular back in the day, but will plenty of upgrades. This will be a great playset for young children today, as the Super Van will hold a incredible micro car world inside its folds.

This new toy is set to be released during the Fall of 2020, and will be priced at $50 dollars. More news about the revival of Micro Machines will come out of the woodworks during the ToyFair Expo in the upcoming weeks. Stay with The Illuminerdi for more details and more exclusive content on your favorite collectibles!

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