Wonder Woman 1984’s Detailed Costume Breakdown: The New Golden Eagle Armor

The Illuminerdi takes a deep dive into the new Golden Eagle Armor seen in Wonder Woman 1984.
Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

Wonder Woman 1984 is coming this summer and along with its exciting new story, comes a brand-new wardrobe. You are in luck, because The Illuminerdi is here to give you a detailed costume breakdown.

Long-time comic book fans will be pleased to see the Golden Eagle Armor, from the pages of DC Comics, brought to life in cinemas. When the new armor was first glimpsed in the film’s trailer the internet was abuzz. Recently EW did a revealing behind-the-scenes spread that only furthered speculation. It happened to peak my own curiosity as well. So let’s dig into the differences between the two versions of the Golden Eagle suit, both in the film and comics. 

Wonder Woman Golden Eagle Armor DC Comics

Wonder Woman 1984 Costume Breakdown: The Wings

Wonder Woman 1984 Battle Armor

The wings attached to the armor appear to be composed of multiple feather blades. We don’t see much of the suit in action, but the movement of her wings is noticeable as she maneuvers. We also see in the official trailer when she lands on the roof of a building, that the wings are detachable. The fact that she has control of the wings, along the structure of them, suggests that she can use them as a weapon as well. This will only enhance her skill in combat.

Wonder Woman 1984 Costume Breakdown: The Helmet

Wonder Woman 1984 Helmet

The helmet’s design is an eagle head as seen in the comics. She also wears a corset structured, along with an armored breastplate. The costume designers have added feather textured sleeves for the arms and legs of the suit. She still has her trademark gauntlets on her forearms as well.

Wonder Woman 1984 Costume Breakdown: The Armor

The design of the boots are interesting because they are composed of individual plates of assorted shapes. They are also thigh-high now, instead of knee-high, as seen in the comics.

The designers have removed the flag designed shawl that rests on her shoulders, but of course have kept the shoulder blades, which are three plates layered on top of one another. What was also removed was the faulds, which is composed of multiple plates of armor designed to protect the waist area. I couldn’t notice any new weapons added on to the costume, but I did see that she still wears her Lasso of Truth on her hip.

Now, it would make sense to remove the waist armor so that she can maneuver more comfortably and her speed won’t be hindered. Without the waist piece, the costume is more slimming and fitted looking. Either way, she looks like she’s ready to win a battle. 

Wonder Woman 1984 Costume Breakdown: The Verdict

Wonder Woman 1984 Costume Breakdown

I personally like the changes. The armor, in its entirety, is reflective and gold. The point of wearing armor is to protect as much of your body as possible to avoid fatal wounds. Getting rid of the flag is practical because it would be something her opponents can use against her. They could pull on it for the same reason they could pull her hair in a fight, to take the advantage and throw her off guard.

This attention to detail is yet another reason to be excited for this summer’s June 5th release of Wonder Woman 1984. What did you notice about the new armor? Let us know in the comment section or on our social media!