New Reported Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Dan DiDio’s Firing from DC Comics Divulged

It was recently announced that co-publisher for DC Comics, Dan DiDio, had left the company. According to a new report, DiDio was actually fired from DC Comics.
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A couple of days ago it was announced that co-publisher for DC Comics, Dan DiDio, had left the company. According to Bleeding Cool, DiDio was actually fired from DC Comics “for fostering a poor work environment.”

The groundwork was laid with Geoff Johns leaving DC Comics to focus on the movie side of things and eventually leaving DC altogether to focus on his new production company. This left things at DC Comics to DiDio and Jim Lee. However, the trio of comic legends that once ran the comic book company is now down to only Lee.

Dan DiDio’s Bad 5G Connection

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Under DiDio, DC was heading towards a big change that would’ve been known as 5G, or Generation Five. This would’ve seen DC’s major figures Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince, aging out and replaced with new characters taking on the roles of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, as part of the new DC Timeline. A lot of people at DC were against this major change, but DiDio was reportedly gung-ho, as he has dealt with countless opposition in the past.

Comic book writer Scott Snyder was mentioned as a major factor in DiDio’s firing. Snyder was known for being opposed to the new direction that DiDio was taking DC Comics and did not want any part of it. Snyder stated he wanted to keep his Dark Knights sequel Death Metal “as far away from 5G as possible and expressed that he felt 5G could harm retailers.”

When recently asked about the firing of DiDio, Snyder said the following:

As of now, 5G is still expected to launch in October, but will assumedly be far different than the vision Dan DiDio had for it. There hopefully should be additional information soon to come, that can help to clarify the picture that Bleeding Cool has painted.

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