Millennium Falcon At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Has A Secret Chewie Mode

A group of wise Star Wars fans have uncovered a super secret Chewie mode on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run at Galaxy's Edge.
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All aboard the Millennium Falcon for a Chewbacca-filled surprise!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been open for almost a year at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The new area is something fun for both young and old Star Wars fans, and it’s about to get even more exciting. A group of Star Wars fans have found a secret mode for one of the rides in the land.

The team over at the YouTube channel FreshBaked! were at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland when they found a secret mode on the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run ride.

Uncover The Secrets Of The Millennium Falcon

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Freshbaked gave this description to active the secret “Chewie Mode’:

First and foremost, do not ACTIVATE your position right away like you normally do. Left and right pilots need to push their controls to the extreme left/right or extreme up/down. Once you’ve done that, hit your activation button.

Engineers and Gunners need to hit one of the white buttons on their console before hitting the orange activation button. Kind of like using the shift key on a keyboard.

Finally, be sure you’ve done this BEFORE the cast members finishes checking your seatbelts (pull the yellow thingy) and he hits his ok to go button.

And that’s it. Do it right and chewy will be yelling at you for 5 minutes. Miss a step and you get Hondo and his canisters.

Now, this secret mode is pretty cool, and knowing that there is a way to get Chewie on the ride is even cooler. What’s most interesting is that this mode is not super hard to try and activate.

So next time you are in Galaxy’s Edge, you should definitely try this when riding Smuggler’s Run. And for the latest Star Wars and nerdy news, keep it locked to The Illuminerdi.

Source: Comicbook


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