Supergirl 100th Episode Review: it’s A Super Life…Or Is It?

WARNING the following contains spoilers for the 100th episode of Supergirl.  As with Arrow and The Flash, Supergirl uses its 100th episode to take a nostalgic look at the past. It asks the question “what if Kara told Lena the truth earlier?” We answer this question not with a clip show, but a what if show. To do this we have the return […]

Sonic Wins A Tight Race Against The Call of the Wild At The Box-Office

Sonic the Hedgehog Chase

In an unexpected turn of events, Sonic The Hedgehog managed to squeak past The Call of the Wild to win the top box-office spot for the second weekend in a row. The Call of the Wild was expected to lead the weekend box office by $8 million after coming out on top Friday. However, by the end of the weekend Sonic […]