Indiana Jones 5: Steven Spielberg’s Unexpected Departure As Director; James Mangold In Talks To Helm

Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg has stepped down from the director's chair of Indiana Jones 5 and reportedly is handing the directing reigns to James Mangold.

What James Mangold Could Add to Indiana Jones 5

James Mangold is one of the more respected Hollywood filmmakers working today. A couple of years ago he elevated the comic book genre as a whole, with his Academy Award nominated film, Logan. His most recent effort, Ford v Ferrari won two Academy Awards, while also being nominated for Best Picture of the Year. Mangold getting offered the opportunity to direct (and possibly rewrite) the next installment, could be the type of large-scale challenge he is searching for.

James Mangold Ford v Ferrari

While his films often have elements of high-octane action, Mangold is far from being regarded as an “action director.” In fact, most of his films have featured characters and situations that allow for introspection and an element of melancholy. Harrison Ford has recently reassured his continued involvement in the sequel, however the actor is 77 years old. It seems that the character’s age and loss of physicality would have to be addressed in the sequel’s storyline. It’s hard to think of a director more capable of tapping into that type of pathos, in what would seem to be the character’s final swan song.

Indiana Jones 5 has an expected release date set for June 5th, 2021. It’s unclear if the directing shuffle will affect the the target date, however it would make sense if the release is eventually pushed. So, make sure to keep your eyes and ears out for more news on that front.


There certainly is going to be a lot follow-up news on this story and we can’t wait to bring it all to you! What kind of story would you like to see in the upcoming sequel? Should they retire the entire franchise or even recast Indiana Jones himself? Let us know what you think in the comment section and on our social media! Make sure to bookmark the website and keep checking back for all the latest reports and scoops!


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