WWE Issues Statement On Matt Hardy Leaving The Company

Matt Hardy is officially the hottest free agent in the world of professional wrestling. Over the weekend Hardy's contract expired and it seems he's moving on.
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is officially the hottest free agent in the world of professional wrestling. Over the weekend, Hardy’s contract expired and it seems like ‘The Broken One’ is going to explore his options.

Matt returned back to WWE with his brother Jeff during Wrestlemania 33, which saw the Hardys win the Raw Tag Team Championships. Since then, we were introduced to ‘The Woken’ Matt Hardy, which was pretty much the character Hardy created for his YouTube series and used in Impact Wrestling. During his most recent WWE tenure, Hardy captured the Tag Team Championships with his brother Jeff Hardy, and Bray Wyatt.


WWE Press Release

WWE Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s contract with WWE has expired.

A trailblazer throughout his 19-year WWE career, Matt and his brother Jeff pioneered the first tag team Ladder and TLC Matches in WWE, stealing the show at WrestleMania on several occasions. Matt, who competed in his first WWE match in 1994, captured nine tag team titles with Jeff, in addition to two other reigns with MVP and Bray Wyatt.

He is also a former ECW, United States, European, Cruiserweight and Hardcore champion, and he won the Fifth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34.

But Matt is perhaps most revered for the uncanny connection he has cultivated with the WWE Universe over the years, even as his character has transformed. From a gravity-defying daredevil willing to take any and all risks to becoming one of the most eccentric personas ever seen as “Woken” Matt Hardy, all incarnations had one thing in common — the adoration of WWE fans.

WWE thanks Matt Hardy for his contributions to sports-entertainment and the WWE Universe and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.


What’s Next For Matt Hardy?

There has been a lot of speculation that Matt Hardy will be joining All-Elite Wrestling to lead the Dark Order as the ‘Exalted One’, which is an on-going storyline that has been teased in the company. To this point, it’s only been speculation. Hardy did take to YouTube to say he’s keeping an eye on all of pro wrestling and he’s keeping his options open.

Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy has some time to make up on his WWE contract due to injury so he will remain with the company at least for the time being. Where would you like to see Matt Hardy end up? Leave a message in the comments below.


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