Is NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Going To Sign With WWE?

WWE Rob Gronkowski

Former New England Patriot Tight End Rob Gronkowski is rumored to be close to signing with WWE.

On Tuesday’s episode of WWE Backstage Editor-In-Chief of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Ryan Satin, reported that WWE is very close to signing Rob Gronkowski. It’s not clear in what capacity WWE will use the former NFL star, or for how long.  Websites are already confirming he has been signed but without WWE, or Gronkowski himself confirming, we have to take it as a rumor.

Not The First Time Rob Gronkowski Has Worked With WWE

WWE Jinder Mahal and Rob Gronkowski
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This is not the first time WWE has been in business with Gronkowski. At WrestleMania 33, he helped his friend Mojo Rawley defeat Jinder Mahal, so Rawley could win that year’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.


When searching Rob Gronkowski’s name on WWE‘s website, multiple articles come up hinting at the idea of Gronkowski coming to WWE. One even dates back all the way to 2015. It is clear WWE has had their eye on retired athlete for a while. Without a doubt Rawley is probably pushing Gronkowski to join the WWE. Triple H himself spent Super Bowl Sunday with Gronkowski and Rawley.

Does Gronk Really Want The WWE Life?

Rob Gronkowski is a three-time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots and is a current NFL analyst for Fox Sports. He is only 30 years old, so he’s still young enough to begin training if that’s what he wants. However, he’s also young enough to take some serious bumps in the ring. Maybe he should go back to football. Some linebackers and defensive ends rushing towards you is less scary than staring into the eyes of the Fiend.


There has not been any rumors about Gronkowski training at the WWE Performance Center or anywhere else. It’s really doubtful that he will do much in-ring work, aside from a tackle or some football block in the immediate future. Gronkowski has a lot of personality and can talk, which is probably why WWE wants to sign him so much. However, he’s nowhere near where he would have to be to be a manager, or actually cut a good promo.

Will Gronkowski Work With Mojo Rawley Again?

My guess is Gronkowski will once again work with Rawley. WWE has always really liked Rawley, but the fans are less than enamoured with the wrestler. Adding in Gronkowski could help Rawley a lot and give him the push and momentum Rawley needs, otherwise Rawley may get chop-blocked right out of the WWE.

According to Satin Gronkowski could make his appearance as early as Smackdown Live on March 20.

What do you think of Rob Gronkowski? Do you think he has what it takes to be a WWE Superstar? What do you think his role will be if WWE signs him? Leave those sweet comments down below and on social media.

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