Lin-Manuel Miranda Gifts A New Hamilton Song Free to Fans as Broadway Goes Dark

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda released a brand new song from his hit Broadway play to keep spirits high.

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda released a brand new song from his hit Broadway play to keep spirits high.

The concern over the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and with it we had news of closures, cancellations, and postponements. The NBA and NHL have suspended their seasons, all Disney theme parks have announced they will temporarily be closing, and recently it was announced that the theaters on Broadway will go dark.


While people might not be able to see their favorite theatrical productions for awhile, Lin-Manuel Miranda, writer and composer of the hit musical Hamilton and In the Heights, has offered a gift to fans: a never-before-heard song that was cut from Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “I Have This Friend”

The song Miranda offers up on his Soundcloud is called “I Have This Friend,” between Hamilton and George Washington, and is recorded by Miranda himself and original George Washington actor, Christopher Jackson. It’s a simple recording with accompaniment by a drum machine and keyboard. Click below to hear Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tweet and head to the Soundcloud to hear I Have This Friend and let us know what you think!

Miranda is known to have an active Twitter where he constantly engages with his fans and drops things like surprise Spotify playlists to listen to while working. He also offers up an encouraging word almost every single morning and evening, just because. As a person who likes to bring a bit of light into the world, it isn’t surprising that Miranda would have wanted to give fans something to be excited about in the midst of all the theaters closing.

The theater closures aren’t limited to Broadway, but to many of the Broadway touring productions as well. Currently, Hamilton is scheduled to play at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles for a six-month run, however the Pantages along with most other theaters have closed for the rest of the month.

Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Christopher Jackson as Alexander Hamilton and George Washington

Hamilton premiered January 20, 2015 at the New York Public Theater, and despite the fact that the show first came out more than five years ago, the hype surrounding it never seemed to die down. Fans are just as die-hard about the musical as they were five years ago, making tickets just as much of a hot commodity as before. In fact, the announcement that the show will be released into theaters next year, has only seemed to reinvigorate the fandom. As those who weren’t able to watch the original Broadway cast will now be able to. The show was recorded back in 2016 with the original principal cast, and as Miranda had said on his Twitter, was “locked away at Gringotts”.


However, even the knowledge that the 2016 recorded version will be released in a year won’t take away the disappointment of those who had tickets for the canceled performances. After all, nothing compares to the live shows, and the energy that’s felt during it. Knowing this, Miranda’s gift is a kind and thoughtful one, and hopefully one that brightens the day for the fans who were disappointed with the realization that they won’t be able to see the show live.

Hopefully the performers stay safe and healthy, and are able to rest well so that when they return, they give absolutely incredible performances. What did you think of the surprise song? What is your favorite Hamilton memory? Let us know in the comment section or on our social media!


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