Digimon Adventure Releases 2nd Trailer

The Digimon Adventure reboot is coming in April, and the second trailer from Toei Animation gives fans a little more to look forward to.
digimon adventure trailer

Digimon are the champions, and they are getting ready to start a new rebooted journey.

20 years later, the original DigiDestined are in the spotlight again and about to sport a new attitude. Digimon Adventure, the reboot of the first season, will have new younger versions of the team that we’ve previously seen as older teens in Digimon Adventure: Tri and in the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie.

The Illuminerdi previously reported that the new series will debut in April, and Toei animation has decided to make fans mouth water a little more with a new trailer showing what is to come.


Digimon Adventure: Back To The Beginning

digimon adventure cast

The new trailer shows us a different approach to the how the DigiDestined met their future partners, and it gives off a new approach to Digimon digivolving as well as Koromon’s ears twisted in the shape of the DNA strand. Another vision we get is of the champion mode of Agumon, Greymon and it is interesting to see a aura outline him. The reboot will show off new designs and more.

The show is set to be released in Japan on April 5, and while there has been teasing of a English language release on some streaming services, it has yet to be confirmed. There is a chance that the debut may be held off for a later release because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Are you excited to dust off your digivices and rewatch? If the show is successful, would you want a reboot of the other Digimon seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay with The Illuminerdi for more digital monster news!



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