Are Taskmaster’s Powers Tech-Based in Black Widow?

A small detail from the promotional posters for Black Window has fans wondering about Taskmaster and his powers. Is it possible they're based in tech?
black widow taskmaster mask

A small detail from Black Widow promotional pictures may give away the secret to Taskmaster’s powers.

MCU fans are anxiously awaiting the eventual release of Black Widow after the Coronavirus pandemic settles down. Not only are people excited to finally see Natasha Romanoff’s first solo adventure in the MCU, fans have been vocally ecstatic to finally see the first live-action portrayal of the film’s primary antagonist: Taskmaster.

His powers and fighting style are going to be exhilarating to see in the upcoming movie taking into consideration his ability to replicate any combat move perfectly after only seeing it once. However, a small detail in some of the film’s promotional materials may give away a new detail on the differences between his skills in the comics and in the upcoming movie.


What Do We Know About Taskmaster?

black widow taskmaster

While looking at closeup pictures of Taskmaster’s mask, there appears to be a very small camera embedded in the forehead of the mask. This could have major implications in regards to his powers in the MCU, and whether he even has any powers at all.

In the comics, Taskmaster hasn’t needed any kind of technological help when he replicates the fighting styles and moves of other heroes he fights. Usually, he will watch old news footage or security video of whoever he is preparing to fight, the way he appears to be doing in the 3rd Black Widow trailer when he watches Natasha Romanoff’s hallway fight from Iron Man 2.

The camera could be the sole basis of his powers in the film, but it could also be simply stealing tech from other heroes along with their fight moves. Just from the trailers, he has adopted Hawkeye’s bow and arrow, Captain America’s shield, and Black Panther’s claws. Tony Stark also used video to his advantage by analyzing Captain America’s fight pattern during the final battle of Captain America: Civil War, so Taskmaster could simply be doing the same thing with the camera in his mask.

Whether the camera turns out to be merely an extra advantage or the basis for all of Taskmaster’s powers remain a mystery, and fans are still clamoring to finally see him do battle with the film’s hero. The theatrical release for Black Widow is still delayed due to the Coronavirus with no timetable for a new date yet.

What theories do you have about Black Widow and Taskmaster? Let us know in the comments below.


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