Samurai & Shogun Introduces Rick and Morty Fans To Rick-WTM72 in Free Short Film Available Now

A brand new short film, Samurai & Shogun, is made available for free from the world of RIck and Morty.

A brand new short film, Samurai & Shogun, is made available for free from the world of RIck and Morty.

Rick And Morty is one of the most beloved television series of our generation. The beloved Adult Swim sci-fi comedy changed the public opinion on adult animation by proving that cartoons can be insightful, deeply profound, and wholly irreverent all at the same time. The series which follows the multiversal adventures of the smartest man in the universe(s), Rick Sanchez, and his grandson Morty Smith is currently on a mid-season break. 

The first five episodes of season four aired late last year and the release window for the remaining five is the painfully vague. To make matters worse, the fourth episode of the current season introduced us to a mysterious unnamed cat whose backstory is shrouded in mystery. All the fans know is that the cat has committed atrocities so horrific that it made Rick Sanchez briefly consider suicide when he witnessed them.

Samurai & Shogun  Cat

While we still don’t know when Rick and Morty of dimension C137 (the prime Rick And Morty of the series), will return to resolve the riddle of this feline foe, those two aren’t the only Rick and Morty’s in the multiverse. There are infinite dimensions, with infinite Ricks and Mortys. And sometimes, we’re treated to an extended look at those characters.


Sometimes these stories are told in the show itself, such as “The Ricklantis Mixup” which took place in the Citadel of Ricks, while C137 was galavanting around Atlantis offscreen. Other times, Adult Swim has opted to release these stories through unique short films on YouTube. These include but are not limited to, a Run The Jewels music video starring Rick and Morty, a short wherein Rick And Morty trip on “pure LSD”, and a bizarre parody titled Bushworld Adventures

Joining the ranks of these unique short films is the 3D CGI short film Samurai & Shogun. The short clocks in at just under 6 minutes and showcases a brutal bloodbath that arises when several Ninja Rick comes for Shogun Morty, who was apparently stolen by Rick-WTM72 or Samurai Rick. 

Samurai & Shogun – (Rick and Morty Short Film)

The short film is classic Rick And Morty, filled with portals, space-aliens, and a big ol’ helping of violence. The new animation style works very well for this story, as it makes the action more fluid and impactful than most 2D combat scenes in the series. The series has never shied away from gore, but it rarely sees blood rain down in such brutal fashion. 

Rick-WTM72 doesn’t say a single word throughout Samurai & Shogun which gives the short a real sense of gravitas. While this Rick will never be as popular as C137, he is certain to leave a lasting impression on the fanbase. I for one hope to see Samurai Rick return to the franchise in the future, although I acknowledge the chances of that happening are quite slim. These brief additions to the Rick And Morty universe seldom impact the main storyline, although perhaps that could change in the future. 


Samurai & Shogun isn’t going to provide viewers with any resolution or hints towards the future of season four, but it doesn’t have to, nor should we expect it to. This short film is a beautiful addition to the Rick And Morty canon, and it’s arguably better for standing entirely on it’s own two feet. The pacing is tight, the action is some of the best in the series, and the story is engaging. It’s a glorious treat for fans and an entertaining way to attract newcomers. If Adult Swim keeps releasing shorts of this caliber during this mid-season break, they can wait as long as they want to release the remaining episodes. 

Rick and Morty Season 4 Samurai & Shogun

What did you think of Samurai & Shogun? What is going on with that talking cat? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below or on our social media! 


Corbin Shanklin

Corbin Shanklin

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