HALLOWEEN: 1978 Film Is The Foundation For Exciting New Horror TV Series

Did you think that Halloween Ends was the end of the story? Think again! A new Halloween TV show is in development from Miramax!
Halloween, Michael Myers

The Halloween franchise is making a comeback with a new upcoming TV series. As reported by Deadline, new details revealed that the upcoming show will have a special connection to the beginning of the franchise. The story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode has captivated horror fans for over 40 years. The first Halloween movie was released in 1978. It is often credited as the de-facto father of the American slasher movie. John Carpenter directed Halloween and co-wrote the film with Debra Hill.

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The franchise spawned sequel after sequel over the years. In total, 13 Halloween movies take place across five different timelines. In the near future, a new TV series will create yet another timeline in the Michael Myers multiverse. In October of 2023, Miramax secured a broad rights deal to the Halloween franchise. The deal gives Miramax a license to create the first-ever TV show in the franchise. They also have international control of the IP and the option to create movies too. There are apparently talks of linking the TV show to a new feature film.


Marc Helwig, head of Worldwide Television at Miramax, recently revealed a few key details of the upcoming Halloween TV show. He stated the following:

“We’re on a fast track, it’s a big priority for us. We’ve had lots of exciting conversations in recent months with a number of really talented people, and I think we’ll have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be doing very soon…We’re hoping to lock down the creative team very soon…It’s a big world…so I don’t think that is an opportunity to go off the back of [Halloween Ends]…

The foundation of it is the original film, the John Carpenter movie, the characters of that film, and perhaps a group of characters that we haven’t really focused on that much in recent film versions or even in a number of them…It’s a creative reset completely and going back to the original film, as opposed to spinning out of any of the more recent film adaptations.”

The new TV show does not have a creative team yet, but continuity has already been decided. The show will take place at some point after the events of the original movie, but it will seemingly discard the rest of the franchise. Miramax has been meeting with creative talent and they are seeking to find a writer soon so that the show can enter production faster. Certain characters from Halloween 1978 will be important to the show, and might even make an appearance.


Michael Myers is practically guaranteed to be the star of the Halloween TV show for several reasons. He is the most consistent character in the franchise, appearing in every film except Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Furthermore, of the main characters in the original film, he is the easiest to bring back.

Jamie Lee Curtis is unlikely to return as Laurie Strode, and if she does, the show will have to take place in the modern day. Donald Pleasance passed away in 1995, so Dr. Loomis would have to be recast for him to play a major role on the show. Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace were children in the first movie who have returned for prior sequels, so they could appear in the new TV series.

There are a handful of other supporting characters introduced in Halloween 1978 who survive the film and could return for this show. But none of them are anywhere near as famous as Laurie, Michael and Loomis. If the show was animated, it would be easier to connect it to the original Halloween movie, but it will probably be live-action. As amazing as it could be, the world might not be ready for an animated Michael Myers TV show quite yet.

Halloween, Laurie Strode, Michael Myers

The characters and events of the first Halloween movie may serve as an important backdrop for a new cast who must survive Michael’s inevitable return to Haddonfield. Perhaps the leads will be descendants or relatives of the first generation of survivors. The connection between John Carpenter’s original work and this new TV show could be more thematic than anything.

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The slasher genre is going through something of a renaissance right now, and Halloween will continue to be a big part of that. After Halloween Ends provided a definitive conclusion to that timeline, fans wondered how long it would take for a reboot. These updates indicate that the wait will be over sooner than expected. At the very latest, expect a new Halloween project to be released by 2028, which is the 50th anniversary of the franchise.


Release Date: October 25, 1978
Directed By: John Carpenter
Written By: John Carpenter & Debra Hill
Produced by: Debra Hill
Production: Compass International Pictures, Falcon International Pictures
Distribution: Compass International Pictures
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, P.J. Soles, Nick Castle, Tony Moran, and Nancy Loomis

Synopsis: Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.

Are you excited for the upcoming Halloween TV show? How should it connect back to the first movie? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and thanks for reading. We are always watching.

SOURCE: Deadline

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