WWE Rumored To Go On Agonizing Hiatus After WrestleMania…What Next Cruel World?

WWE may be taking a break from TV and Pay Per View events for a while after this weekend's WrestleMania.
WWE WrestleMania 36

WWE may be taking a break from TV and Pay Per View events for a while after this weekend’s WrestleMania.

Well, it seems the coronavirus pandemic really is the curse which keeps on taking and the world of the WWE has been no exception. After completely destroying my ever so precious WrestleMania my one good thought was thinking about post-WrestleMania. I imagined that once WrestleMania was done, things can start getting back to normal. Sure we would have more empty arenas at Performance Center shows and PPVs, but at least WWE could have planned it better.

WWE Becky Lynch
I’ll Miss You Becky. Courtesy Of WWE

According to a tweet by WrestleVotes, rumors are that after WrestleMania, WWE will be taking a break.

“Rumors around the PC last week were that if the state of FL issued a Stay Home order, which happened today, WWE would reconsider taking a break post Mania. The Raw after is shot. I’ve been told if they are pausing for a while, some footage shot won’t be aired. TBD at this point,”  WrestleVotes.

So Like Zero New WWE Wrestling?

The stay-at-home order means that WWE would be forced to completely shut down their weekly production. Wrestlers would be able to film promos and put them on Instagram or other social media, but that’s about it.


I don’t think WWE would sell Raw and Smackdown Live’s time to infomercials, or let USA and Fox air something. It’s most likely they will air repeats or some WWE Network originals. I suggest WWE Legends’ House and Edge and Christian’s show.

WWE Legends House
Courtesy Of WWE

It’s Not All Bad News

However, this isn’t all bad news. Wrestlers have to wrestle over 300 days a year. It’s a very demanding job and it takes a big physical toll on wrestlers and behind-the-scenes employees. This down time could be viewed as a vacation and a chance for everyone to recharge and heal. Plus, people will hit the home gym hard. Almost always when wrestlers come back from injuries they come back ripped. Now, the whole roster will be in such good shape. Otis is going to be shredded and Mandy Rose won’t be able to resist.


This hiatus will also give the wrestlers a chance to spend time with family. I guess this will be a pretty good thing for wrestlers, but what about me? Wrestling is my life.

I guess I won’t be able to watch my wrestling for a little while. Maybe I can read a book *barf*or something. However, without WWE in my life, I don’t know how to continue on. I mean is there any point to not wrap myself in a cocoon and hibernate until wrestling returns?

This year has been a lot of firsts for wrestling and it just keeps on going. I really hope we start getting firsts in a good way from now on. What do you think of this hiatus? Do you think this will hurt WWE long term?  What will you do in this void of no new WWE wrestling? Comment below and shoot a message over on social media.

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