Power Rangers Fan Film Discussion: The Ranger Write-Up

The Ranger Wrap-Up returned to discuss all things Power Rangers, including the fan film Legend of the White Dragon's recent funding success.
Ranger Write Up

This week on The Ranger Wrap-Up, our cast is at full power getting back into the swing of things. Host, Jezzer Reyes is joined by other members of The Illuminerdi, Joe Deckelmeier, Corey Gibson, Daniel Jerome, Justin Quizon, and Toku Kid as they discuss numerous topics in the Power Rangers fandom.

Legend Of The White Dragon Means More Power Rangers Films

Kicking off this week’s discussion was the news that Legend of the White Dragon has been funded on its second go-around. This opens the doors to explore other Power Rangers related fan films and just how creative our community truly is. Fan films that have been highlighted from The Illuminerdi include Colin Bass’ First Ninja, The Unworthy, and Ancient Warriors just to name a few. We even have a fan film in the works called Power Rangers Cosmic Protectors, and we’d appreciate it if you checked it out.


Power Rangers and The Order

Some promising fan films have hit road bumps along the way though like Karan Ashley’s The Order, which we really hope finds distribution soon. Some have been tremendous letdowns like Power Rangers Time Force actor, Michael Copon’s project that never came to fruition.

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