Red Sentai Ranger Rio Komiya Announces Recovery From Deadly Virus

Rio Komiya, actor from Mashin Sentai Kirameiger, has announced his recovery from his bout with COVID-19.
Rio Komiya

Covid-19 has taken hold of the world and many have unfortunately passed away from symptoms brought on by the coronavirus. There has also been many who have recovered from the symptoms, one of them is Rio Komiya, actor from Mashin Sentai Kirameiger.

Earlier in the month it was announced that the young actor had caught the coronavirus and was not feeling well on the set.


On the ninth of April, a new press conference was made by Komiya regarding the status of his condition and about his plans after he was discharged from the hospital. Toei, the company behind Mashin Sentai Kirameiger, has halted production on the show after Komiya’s case and it looks like the show is set to continue the halt for two more weeks as Komiya recuperates at home.

Rio Komiya

Rio Komiya’s Statement To His Fans

Toei has not made an official announcement yet, however Rio Komiya posted a message of encouragement on Twitter.

Here is the message after being translated.
“I, Rio Komiya, was discharged today, April 9th. I’m going to spend the next two weeks on standby at home.

I’m sorry for making my fans worry so much. I’m also sorry to those who were inconvenienced. I was incredibly encouraged by all of the warm messages from everyone supporting and looking forward to Kiramager. In particular, all of the kids who have always supported Kiramager. I received a lot of power and strength from the text messages and letters I got. Thank you!

I saw news of Fujinami (Shintaro Fujinami, the first Japanese pro baseball player to test positive for the Coronavirus) and I think seeing this allowed me to realize the symptoms I felt and made me able to convey my concerns.

In my case, my nose wasn’t clogged, but I could not smell or taste and it felt like everything I ate was solid. Even the bitter taste of coffee seemed like water. Although I had no fever, it became difficult to move my body, it was as if I was carrying heavy luggage. Even though I’m young, I was infected, so I hope this serves as a reminder that everyone is at risk of infection.

Everyone, please stay indoors, remember to wash your hands and gargle! Please wait just a bit longer and I’ll definitely be back as a healthy KiramaRed once again!”

Rio Komiya

Well wishes to the actor and speedy recovery to Rio Komiya and for more Super Sentai news and content make sure you bookmark The Illuminerdi website!

source: The Tokusatsu Network



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