Which Spellbinding Version of Doctor Fate Will Feature in The Black Adam Movie?

Doctor Fate is set to appear in the upcoming Black Adam film, starring Dwayne Johnson. The Illuminerdi breaks down which comic book version he might be.
Doctor Fate

Black Adam is an upcoming film in the DCEU, set to star Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson in the title role. While his cinematic debut is hotly anticipated by DC fans around the world, he’s not the only famous DC character making their silver screen debut. 

Doctor Fate, DC’s Master of the Mystic Arts will play a major role in Black Adam, a fact which we confirmed through our exclusive analysis of a recent casting call. Unfortunately, the casting call only referred to the character as Doctor Fate, providing no name for his alter ego. 


Like many members of the JSA, Doctor Fate has a long and convoluted history, and the mantle has been worn by several different individuals throughout the decades. Eight different characters have gone by the name, and fans are eager to learn which of that group will be appearing in Black Adam. 

We at The Illuminerdi have torn through the back issues and have compiled a list of the various Doctor Fates. More than that, we ranked them by how likely it is that they are the version of the character seen in Black Adam. Before we get into that, here’s a bit of backstory on the DC Universe’s most powerful mage. 

Who is Doctor Fate? 

Doctor Fate Mystery

In the DC universe, Chaos and Order are personified through various mystical beings who are in a never ending struggle for dominance. Nabu The Wise is one of the Lords Of Order, and he possesses the mystical Helmet of Fate. Those who wear it are possessed by Nabu, generally in positive symbiosis. Doctor Fate’s mystical ability is extremely potent, and the full extent of his power is nigh unparalleled.

And now, onto our feature presentation:

#5: Jared Stevens AKA Fate

doctor fate Jared Stevens

The first character on the list is the only one to go by a name other than Doctor Fate, and there is absolutely no chance that Jared Stevens will be adapted for Black Adam or any other DC property. 

Stevens was a grave robber and smuggler who was hired to acquire the cloak, amulet and helmet of Fate in order to return them to the previous host of Nabu. Unfortunately, they exploded in a battle, an act that destroyed his arm, tattooed an ankh on his face, and imbued him with magical ability. Furthermore, he melted down the helmet and amulet and made ankh-shaped throwing stars out of them. Seriously. 

As if his external appearance wasn’t enough, he was a disaster internally as well. Jared Stevens was a selfish jerk who didn’t really want to be Doctor Fate, hence the name change. He was created and subsequently discarded in the nineties, and frankly, that’s the only place he belongs. 


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