This Year’s Money in the Bank Match Is Basically Die Hard According To Cedric Alexander: EXCLUSIVE

The Money in the Bank match is by far one of my favorite matches all year. However, this year has a twist to it - and Cedric Alexander talked all about it.
WWE Cedric Alexander

The Money in the Bank match is by far one of my favorite matches all year.  However, this year has a twist to it – and Cedric Alexander talked all about it. The wrestler shared what he thought of the new stipulation and how it relates to Die Hard on our show, The Illuminerdi Wrestling Order.

In the past, the Money in the Bank match has been a basic ladder match with the prize being a briefcase containing a contract which allows the winner to cash in on a champion anytime during the year.


WWE has decided to change things up this year.  Here is what WWE says about the change to the famous match type:

“There are only a few certainties in life, and one of those is complete mayhem during a Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  The chaos hits a whole new level as this year’s competitors will have to traverse the halls, offices and boardrooms of WWE Headquarters to reach the briefcase located upon the roof of the multi-story building,” WWE said.

WWE MITB 2020 No Apollo Crews
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The New Match Type May Be Too Different

The Money in the Bank is always full of stunts with ladders and high-flying maneuvers. However, having the briefcase on the roof instead of hanging from the ceiling changes things.  I would say expect cameos and lots of them.  I’ll call one right now: William Regal will be in his office or somewhere and he will get bumped and he will spill his tea.

It is fair to say that the match will probably be similar to Edge vs Randy Orton from WrestleMania.  The match will move through a lot of the same areas.

Cedric Alexander spoke about the uniqueness of this new type of Money in the Bank match.  He also made a direct comparison to a beloved Christmas movie.

“I didn’t realize the match was happening the way it’s advertised to happen. In the building?! Okay. Essentially, it’s Die Hard. It’s WWE Die Hard. That’s what this is,” Cedric Alexander continued. “I had it in my head already. I’m calling the winner Mr. McClain and the women’s winner Miss. McClain. That’s gotta be the thing now.”

WWE Cedric Alexander
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Lean Into The Absurdity And Die Hard

Now that Alexander mentions this comparision  I hope WWE leans into it just a little.  They should have someone trying to get in an AC duct or something.  This whole situation with the Coronavirus is so ridiculous, I think WWE should lean into it.


I am really curious as to why WWE decided to change the match like this.  They have had ladder matches at the Performance Center so it isn’t because of technical limitations.  It just seems weird to have a tried-and-true match type and make a huge change to it.

On The Roof How?

Is the briefcase just going to be sitting on the roof, or in a box or locked up and they have to break the lock?  Maybe the ref will be standing there with the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist like an action movie.  However, as long as we see a Superstar constantly teasing the champion that they will be cashing in then I’ll be just as happy.

What do you think of this new type of Money in the Bank?  Do you wish they stuck with the traditional style?  Grab that briefcase and leave a comment below.  If you want more wrestling talk in your life than subscribe to our wrestling show, The Illuminerdi Wrestling Order.


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