Superman Reportedly Back In Action As WB Shelves Supergirl Film

According to reports, Superman may be back for another DC film as Warner Bros. pushes back their plans for a Supergirl film.
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Superman Returns… again.

The Man of Steel may be getting ready to take off for the big screen once more, as it looks like Warner Brothers is not going ahead with the Supergirl movie project anymore.

When the project was announced, the studio reported that their interest in the Girl of Steel would take the focus off Superman and make his cousin the priority.


The movie was rumored to be in development last year, and ,any fans were upset that Superman was going to be out of the picture. They felt that Henry Cavill had not been given his proper due, and another film starring the Kryptonian was more desirable.

How The Superman Tables Turn

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The Supergirl movie was meant to have Brainiac as the villain of the story and was also rumored to be set in the 1970’s. But according to Heroic Hollywood, Warner Bros. is setting their sights back on Superman.

There aren’t any more specifics to what the plot of a potential Clark Kent film would be right now, but it may be going back to the drawing board given the other reports of WB wanting Michael B. Jordan to play the hero.

If not, then the fans may just get what they want: the return of Henry Cavill. After all, Cavil himself has even expressed interest in coming back many times.

While Supergirl and Superman’s status on the silver screen is still in the air, the two characters are doing fine on the TV screen. With the success of Supergirl on the CW and the upcoming Superman & Lois, the Kryptonians will soon be back on the air in the Fall once work is able to resume after being halted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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