WHAT IF…?: Is This Our First Look At Tom Holland’s Peter Parker As Hawkeye?

A new leak may show fans their first look at Tom Holland's Peter Parker, as Hawkeye, in the upcoming animated Marvel Studios' series, What If...?
What If...? Hawkeye

A new leak may show fans their first look at Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, as Hawkeye, in the upcoming animated Marvel Studios’ series, What If…?

Marvel Studios continues its work to begin its new phase of small-screen storytelling with seven new live-action mini-series set to premiere on Disney+. The team is also preparing to dip its toes into the animation world for the very first time. In the middle of the formerly mentioned live-action shows, the MCU will debut its first ever completely animated show What If…?

What’s Behind What If…?

What If…? is set to have a 10-episode first season debuting in 2021, with a second season already confirmed for the future. Bringing back nearly every major actor the MCU has ever featured, the new mini-series will take a look at a number of big moments in the franchise’s history and how they could have gone a number of different ways.

What If Captain Britain

Some of these confirmed scenarios will feature scenes such Peggy Carter turning into Captain Britain, T’Challa as Star Lord, and Bucky Barnes fighting a zombie Captain America. A brand new image has just released as well that may shed some light on another of these scenarios.


Thanks to’s Brandon Davis, an screenshot image from the Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe featurette has revealed an image possibly showing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker sporting the Hawkeye outfit and hairstyle. This could also simply be the original Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner, but the image does look enough like Peter Parker to bring up the possibility of this storyline being explored.

The potential plots for all 10 episodes of What If…? are completely up in the air at this point with nearly endless options for the series to explore. While this particular possibility may not have been one that many fans have thought of up to this point, it would be quite the interesting storyline to delve into by seeing how the youngest Avenger would handle having Clint Barton’s archery skills.

What If…? has gained more hype than almost every other Disney+ MCU series by delving into a completely animated world for the first time, and with so many of the MCU’s biggest stars confirmed to voice their on-screen heroes again, absolutely anything is possible. It will be exciting to see if Peter Parker does actually end up as Hawkeye instead of Spider-Man, but it will still be a long time before anything is officially confirmed.

What If...?

What If…? is set to debut on Disney+ in the summer of 2021. Do you think the image shows Peter Parker as Hawkeye? What do you think will happen in this new animated series? Let us know in the comments below!



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