Lord of the Rings Cast Joins Epic Reunited Apart Episode

The Lord of the Rings cast were brought together 20 years later by one excitable Josh Gad in a Reunited Apart episode
Reunited Apart - Lord of the Rings

In 2001, Peter Jackson introduced the world to his version of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The trilogy that followed would go on to become possibly the most iconic piece of filmmaking of the early part of the 21st Century.

Nearly 20 years later, fans new and old of Middle Earth were treated to a hilarious Reunited Apart episode, hosted by none other than Olaf… I mean, Josh Gad. What followed was a great trip down memory lane for the cast and fans alike.

The Lord of the Rings Cast are Reunited Apart

News from Middle Earth is always eagerly received, and with the Amazon Prime series set to begin production, The Lord of the Rings reunion couldn’t have happened at a better time! Reunited Apart from Josh Gad has so far bought us hilarious cast reunions from Splash, Back to the Future and 80’s classic The Goonies.

The aim of the Zoom catch-ups has been to raise money for the charity ‘No Kid Hungry,’ and as we speak a significant amount has already been raised through the series. Gizmodo reports that ‘One Zoom to Rule Them All‘ looks set to be the biggest reunion; bringing together not only Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh from behind the camera, but Elijah Wood, Sir Ian Mckellen, Sean Astin and Viggo Mortensen amongst others.

A Fellowship Reunites

The Lord of the Rings cast reunite in 2017

The last time there was a significant meet up of the Fellowship was in 2017, when Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen and Billy Boyd appeared to recreate the fight scene from Moria during a meal together. Up to this point, that was the largest get together of The Lord of the Rings actors since filming finished and fans went wild.

One Zoom to Rule Them All

It was truly amazing to see the excitement as Josh Gad introduced The Lord of the Rings cast members to the Zoom chat. It’s great to see that despite even after all these years, the comradery that you see in the films is still very much alive and kicking. We even got treated to a peek of those infamous elvish tattoos!

In December of 2001, this movie and the trilogy to follow would bring with them a level of excitement and anticipation not seen since the days of the Star Wars films. It was a trilogy that would make mainstream words like hobbits, orcs, ringwraiths, elves, dwarves, wizards. Of course, a place that all of us would like to shelter-in-place right now, The Shire.

Josh Gad

There were great anecdotes to be enjoyed. Some familiar to those who spent a lot of time watching the ‘Special Features’ on those epic Extended Edition DVDs, and some great new ones! (We won’t spoil the surprises here but they are thoroughly enjoyable!) Either way, there’s something magical hearing these great actors recount events that occurred whilst filming. Josh Gad kept the surprises coming as he introduced more cast members to the call.

This much time has passed, nothing has changed, we are all the same.

Elijah Wood
A very young Lord of the Rings cast

It was so special. It was like growing up together, it was like family – you know?

Liv Tyler

Would You Like Me to Find a Box?

Legolas and Gimli at Helms Deep

Even better was hearing the cast revisit old scenes together. A particular favourite was when John Rhys-Davies dons Gimlis helmet and tilts the camera up to renact Gimli and Legolas’ scene at Helms Deep. Liv Tyler deserves a special mention for her pitch perfect rendition of Elvish, which is always a pleasure to hear. Even Andy Serkis, after his recent epic reading of The Hobbit for charity, effortlessly steps back into Gollum/Smeagols shoes to discuss how he is dealing with Lockdown.

How does social Distancing work with Gollum?

Peter Jackson

Home is Behind the World Ahead

There was even a surprise appearance from fellow Kiwi (and awesome director), Taika Waititi, who hosted a pop quiz on The Lord of the Rings films. Everything got rather emotional towards the end with Billy Boyd singing the beautiful ‘The Edge of Night‘ from Return of the King, This seemed a fitting way to end such a wonderful reunion, and quite prescient in these times.

Ian McKellan

Have you been watching the Reunited Apart series on Youtube? Did you enjoy The Lord of the Rings catch up? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Gizmodo