Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9 Review: The Evox Snare

Episode 9 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers centers on the ongoing conflict with Evox. Come find out all about "The Evox Snare."
Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Beast Morphers has officially returned in the UK and boy did it come back with a bang. It featured a returning character and a new face that may be familiar to some, but will be immediately known by fans of the Metal Heroes franchise!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9: “The Evox Snare”

Starting off with episode 9, “The Evox Snare.” The episode centers on the Rangers still dealing with the revelation that Evox has trapped himself in the Mayor’s body. The Rangers (except for Devon) hatch a plan to trap Evox in an indestructible cube of ice, so they can imprison him and find out what to do afterward.

Devon isn’t a fan of the idea because he’s worried about how this could affect his dad and how they are going to free him from being under Evox’s control. When talking to Ravi, Devon speaks of a past Ranger team. Whose Black Ranger was also infected with an evil computer virus and wants to speak to their leader Doctor K, but he can’t seem to get a hold of her.

Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy try to steal a barrel of Morph-X. A single barrel is all that they can get a hold of because Grid Battleforce shut off all of the Morph-X towers, due to the threat of Evox taking it all. After defeating Blaze and Roxy, the Commander comes to tell the Rangers that they will have to leave a tower of Morph-X up and running. Scrozzle was snooping and takes this information back to Evox. This, however, was a trap planned by the Rangers to trick the villains.

beast morphers doctor K

The Commander also says that they have received an inter-dimensional call from someone named Doctor K. Ravi tells the Commander that this is important and that Devon should go take the call while the others go to the tower to ambush Evox.


When speaking to Doctor K, she tells Devon that what happened to Ranger Operator Series Black and his father are two completely different cases and there’s nothing she can do for him. She does however mention that the Dino Charge Rangers and a similar incident where their Silver Ranger, Zenowing, was trapped in the evil Doomwing. Doctor K tells Devon that the Dino Charge Rangers used a set of splitters to separate the two.

Devon thinks that Nate might be keeping these splitters in the Grid Battleforce Ranger vault. In the vault, a bunch of past Ranger tech is seen including stuff from RPM, Dino Charge, and even SPD, as well as other Ranger items from other seasons. Ben and Betty help Devon find the splitters and Devon goes off to go find Evox.

The Beast Morphers Rangers are now at the tower waiting for Evox. When Evox shows up at the tower they shoot the ice blaster at him to no avail, as Evox was easily able to deflect the blasts back at the Rangers. The four Rangers do not know what to do at this point, but then Devon shows up to confront Evox. Evox turns into the mayor to convince Devon to let him past. Devon does, but only as a trick. As they then release the splitters on Evox, which separates him from the mayor.


The episode ends with the Morph-X towers reopening and the Commander asking Mayor Daniels what he remembers about Evox. The Mayor, unfortunately, doesn’t remember much about Evox and cannot give them any new information.

Overall this was an amazing episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. I know a lot of fans have felt that this season could be considered a step down from the first in terms of story. Especially considering there wasn’t a lot of story in the first half of Season 2. This episode is a complete change of pace! And there’s even more good news…this change of pace continues in the next episode as well!

Did you guys like these episode 9, “The Evox Snare,” of Power Rangers Beast Morphers? Are you excited to see what the rest of the season will entail? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to come back to The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers Beast Morphers news like this in the future!



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