Sailor Moon Eternal Theatrical Release Postponed To 2021

Sailor Moon Eternal, the first film in a new series for the famous franchise, has delayed its release until January 8, 2021.
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Moonlight is the messenger of love, and the language of Bishoujo Senshi lovers everywhere. Sailor Moon has experienced a revival of fans thanks to the re-release of the classic anime’s seasons –  including the final season, Sailor Stars, which has been dubbed in English for the first time.

The anime also recently received a rebooted version that featured the sailor soldiers in a new light, Sailor Moon Crystal. This version was based more closely on the original manga.


Now the anime is going through yet another revival, in the form of a movie that was originally set to be released on September 11. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Toei Animation is expected to delay the release of the 1st movie – yes, we hope it’ll be a series.

Love Reigns Eternal For Sailor Moon

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According to reports, Toei animation decided to change the release date to January 8, 2021. The release date push back was made to give the pandemic more time to run its course. This will also help the animation bring in new fans, as Sailor Moon Eternal will be the 1st movie of the anime to be in theaters after more than 20 years.

The second movie in the Sailor Moon Eternal franchise will be released right after the first one. The date of the movie is set to be on February 11, 2021. While many fans might be disappointed by the delay, this is becoming a common decision among many entertainment projects on both sides of the world. This delay will help give the anime movie the best shot it can get at the box office. The movie is set to help bring in more fans for a new generation.

In Japan, a limited number of theaters have been reopened after Tokyo allowed their state of emergency status to lapse. To help get fans comfortable returning, the theaters have been screening old movies. No news has been announced about a English dub being made of the movie, but hopefully it will also have a big screen release when it happens.

Perhaps Sailor Moon Eternal will create a spike in new fans, as Dragon Ball Super: Broly certainly performed well in the states. Make sure you keep your transformation brooches on you and stay with The Illuminerdi for more anime news and features.


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