Mooby’s New Pop-Up Brings The View Askewniverse Dream To Life

The Illuminerdi gets an early taste test of Kevin Smith's new fast food joint, Mooby's. Here's what we thought of it all...

If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, You’ve gotta be familiar with Mooby’s, the restaurant which made it’s first appearance in 1999’s Dogma. While the ‘in-universe’ version of Mooby’s is your typical fast food chain with all the typical menu items, the pop-up has customized its menu with items that pay homage to the entire View Askewniverse.

Guests are invited to pre-order their “Mooby’s Pick-Up Experience” for $25 which includes their choice of one Moo Main (Cow Tipper or Cow Tipper with Beyond Burger, Cock Smoker Chicken Sandwich, Lasagna Sandwich with Beyond Meat, Egga Mooby Muffin with Beyond Sausage), plus a Salt Lick Side (Hater Totz or Onion Rings to rule them all) all created by Executive Chef Royce Burke (owner of Secret Lasagna).

To maintain proper guest flow and cut down on wait times, guests will not be allowed to add on any “hot items” to their experience. But a la carte items such as non-alcoholic (soda in commemorative cups), and alcoholic drinks (Fill The Cup (Grown up Capri Sun Cocktail Pouch), dessert, and merchandise can be added during pick up.


We were invited to check out the experience before it opened for the public and taste test some of the menu items. I had the ‘Cow Tipper’ and both the ‘Hater Totz’ and ‘Onion Rings to rule them all.’

Previous to Mooby’s, I’d gone to the Beetlejuice pop-up, Scum and Villainy, and The Breaking Bad Experience. While the food at those were good, Mooby’s has now become my favorite. The burger was cooked perfectly (at least to my tastes), the seasoning on the ‘Hater Totz’ was great, and the ‘One Ring’ onion rings were all fried to perfection.

Much like the other pop-ups that have inhabited this space previously, there are plenty of photo-ops for fans to check out.

Over the course of seven live-action movies, one animated film, and one cartoon, Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse has built a passionate and loyal fan base. The Mooby’s Pop-Up in LA does an amazing job of bringing that universe to life, despite our current pandemic lifestyle. If you’re in the LA area and you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend visiting Mooby’s.

For more information, check out the official press release on Page 2.


Josh Goldman

Josh Goldman

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