Kevin Feige Developing Marvel’s Illuminati Based On Comic Run: Exclusive

Marvel Studios is looking to the future as they develop a project titled, Marvel's Illuminati.
Marvel Comics Illuminati Cover

Marvel Studios is looking to the future as they develop a project titled, Marvel’s Illuminati.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently going through its longest break between projects in a decade as Marvel Studios waits for the go-ahead to film and release projects again. This comes before the studios’ biggest slate of projects in its history with a Phase 4 potentially consisting of eight full-length movies and eight new mini-series’ for Disney+.

That being said, the studio is always looking ahead to the future with Phase 5 and beyond. There are already multiple franchises that are all but confirmed to be on the way like the X-Men and Fantastic Four, and rumors have been swirling the last few months over brand new characters like Nova joining the party down the road.


We at The Illuminerdi are excited to release this new bit of info that we held onto for a few weeks. This is still very early in the process, but we are here to share what we know at this point!

Marvel’s Illuminati Is On The Table

Our team has learned from a new cast listing that Marvel Studios is in the early stages of developing some kind of project based off Marvel Comics’ Illuminati team. The only confirmed details are that Marvel CCO Kevin Feige is listed as the producer for this project, and the current title of the project is Marvel’s Illuminati. There is no other talent attached and there is no confirmation on whether the project is a movie or a future show on Disney+.

Marvel Comics Illuminati

This listing is incredibly early in the development process, and it seems that there are many details that are up in the air at this moment in time. However, this is an incredibly exciting possibility for Marvel Studios to dive into for the future. There is still no official end to Phase 4, so this project would presumably be set sometime in Phase 5 or later, but it will be very interesting to find out more specific details whenever the time comes.

The Illuminati was first introduced in Marvel Comics in 2005. The team is made up by a number of the most notable members of the Avengers who join forces and work secretly behind the scenes of the bigger action in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Comics Illuminati Still

A few former members of the comic book team have already been established in the MCU throughout the Infinity Saga including Doctor Strange and one of the most high-profile members being the recently deceased Tony Stark. It will be quite the task working out which members of the team will join together on the big screen, as many of the the faces from the comics including Mr. Fantastic and Namor, have yet to be introduced in live-action in the Marvel cinematic universe.

It seems that Marvel’s Illuminati is yet another floor that the studio and Kevin Feige are building towards and we will be sure to bring you the latest on this developing project. How would you like to see Marvel’s Illuminati come together? Let us know in the comment section below and let’s discuss on social media!



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