Production of Obi-Wan Disney+ Series Is Set: Exclusive

The Illuminerdi has exclusive details about the production of the Obi-Wan series for Disney+!
Commander Obi Wan Kenobi

The Illuminerdi has exclusive details about the production of the Obi-Wan series for Disney+!

The Scoop

Our source has revealed to us that production on Obi-Wan is set for March 2021 in Los Angeles.

Rumors were swirling that due to COVID-19, many studios were planning for a future of more closed sets. It appears that Lucasfilm plans to proceed with shooting the upcoming series stateside as it did with The Mandalorian. It’s fair to assume that The Volume, the virtual filming environment also used heavily for The Mandalorian, will play a big role in shaping the still-untitled Kenobi led series.

The Volume The future set of Obi-Wan? The Mandalorian
ILM’s The Volume (seen here being staged for The Mandalorian Season One) is likely going to factor in heavily to Obi-Wan’s production

Obi-Wan Show Details

The Obi-Wan series will see Ewan McGregor return to the role of the fabled Jedi Master, onscreen for the first time since Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The series will be directed by Deborah Chow, who was previously at the helm of two celebrated episodes of The Mandalorian in its first season. The script will be penned by Joby Harold, who is also writing the follow-up to Paramount’s Transformer’s prequel, Bumblebee.

Now that Obi-Wan’s production is finally set, does it feel more real? With Hayden Christensen’s rumored involvement, the curiosity around the series story is at an all-time high! Let us know your predictions for the series in the comments below!




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