Harley Quinn Season 3’s Fate Remains Undecided

Harley Quinn

Audiences quickly fell in love with Harley Quinn, the DC Universe animated series which followed the gory, MA-rated exploits of Harley Quinn and a gang of misfit villains wreaking havoc throughout Gotham City. The series’ fun, irreverent tone and lineup of voice talent helped the show to acquire a devoted fandom, who have followed it from the DC Universe channel over to HBO Max, where both seasons of the series currently reside.

But with the season two finale setting up further misadventures in Harley’s future and with the show having just recently confirmed that Harley and Poison Ivy are romantically involved – a groundbreaking step forward for LGBTQ+ representation – people are already beginning to wonder: when are we going to get another season?

A new comment from the series executive producer Dean Lorey suggests that, while fan demand for a third season is high, HBO Max has not yet given the greenlight to proceed. Lorey said on his Twitter that “We’d love to make one!,” before explaining that “We’re still waiting to hear something from HBOmax. It was so much fun to work on (Bane!) and we have a lot more story to tell. Harley is one of the best experiences I’ve had making a show and I bet Justin [Halpern] and Pat [Schumaker] would say the same.”


But despite there being no official confirmation yet, it does seem like the Harley Quinn creative team has plenty of ideas about where they want to take the story in a hypothetical third season. And there’s no good reason not to continue, considering how popular the series is and how well audiences have responded to Katy Couric’s take on the iconic DC villain.


Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn season two ended on an upbeat cliffhanger, with Harley and Poison Ivy riding off into the sunset in a getaway car, fleeing from the Gotham City police. The duo went through a lot of hard times over the course of the series, but they were eventually able to admit their romantic feelings for each other, and Poison Ivy’s wedding to Kite Man didn’t go forward as planned.

Whether or not the couple will manage to stick together throughout an entire third season is up for debate, since both characters have chaotic personalities, but most fans want to see the relationship continue to develop: not only are they a popular power couple, but they’re both openly and unapologetically LGBTQ+.

In Harley Quinn’s recent film appearances, her bisexuality has been hinted at but never explicitly addressed, which makes the series’ decision to embrace that aspect of her character so important. Assuming season 3 happens, it will likely follow the couple as they try to sort out new relationship issues while evading Commissioner Gordon and a host of other characters all out for revenge on Harley.

But while Harley Quinn’s next destination is as yet unknown, Harley Quinn has seemingly staked out its place on HBO Max. The DC Universe streaming platform, on which both seasons of the show first aired, is being dissolved into the larger streaming service and Harley Quinn has already made the long-awaited jump from one to the other – meaning that any and all future seasons will be HBO Max exclusives.

What do you think? Are you a Harley Quinn fan, and do you have thoughts on where the story should go in season 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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