The Future Of Titans: Red Hood, Scarecrow, And A Teen Titans Spinoff

More light has been shed on the upcoming third season of Titans, which is set to greatly expand the world of the DC Universe flagship series.

More light has been shed on the upcoming third season of the DC Universe original series, Titans.

Season three is set to greatly expand the world of the DC Universe flagship, with characters such as Blackfire, Red Hood, Roy Harper, Lex Luthor, Barbara Gordon,  Scarecrow, and Phantasm all reportedly set to make their Earth-9 debut.

While this lineup is certainly exciting, it still didn’t shed much light on the actual plot of Titans season three. However, thanks to reports from the new entertainment news site, The Vulcan Reporter, we now know more about the roles that Red Hood, Blackfire, and Scarecrow will play. Additionally, The Vulcan Reporter is reporting that a Titans spinoff is in development.

Where Does Titans Go Next?

Red Hood and Blackfire will be the primary antagonists of season three. Red Hood will fight the Titans in the first half of the season, seeking revenge for the teams poor treatment of him in the past. Allegedly, this anger is what leads to his transformation from Robin into Red Hood, as opposed to the source material. In the classic comics “A Death In The Family” and “Under The Red Hood”, Jason Todd is brutally murdered by Joker, only to return from the dead years later, now utilizing his killer’s former moniker while waging a brutal and fatal war on crime in Gotham.

Walter Curran, who plays Jason Todd/Red Hood on the series, recently shared an instagram post captioned “Homework”, which pictured those two series in addition to “Red Hood and The Outlaws” and “Batman: Red Hood – The Lost Days”.

titans - curran walters and brenton thwaites

While these selections may seem fairly routine at face value, they are interesting choices for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Roy Harper is a key player in “Red Hood and The Outlaws”, which gives more credence to reports about Arsenal joining the cast. His addition was originally reported by Emre Kaya, the journalist behind The Vulcan Reporter. In February, we confirmed the veracity of that report when one of our sources revealed that DC Universe casting agents were interested in casting an asian actor in the role.

Secondly, the inclusion of “A Death In The Family” is interesting because according to these reports, Jason Todd’s turn from kid superhero into lethal antihero will be a stark departure from the source material. While it is possible that this alteration to his origin story will service the story organically, I find it to be rather concerning. Perhaps this selection is an indication that his arc has changed and will now hew closer to the original version of the story. Only time will tell. Regardless of what happens, it always brings me joy to see actors reading the original stories of the characters they are portraying.

roy harper on titans

As for the other villains, the report states that Scarecrow will be an inmate at Arkham Asylum who also works as a profiler for the GCPD. He is supposed to be distinctly different from Cillian Murphy’s version of Jonathan Crane, and reminscent of Hannibal Lector. Regarding Blackfire, she will follow Red Hood as the main antagonist in the second half of the season.  No further information was provided on what role Lex Luthor will play.

Other additions to the Titans universe are tied to the upcoming spinoff, which I will be unofficially referring to as Teen Titans for simplicity’s sake, and because it will feature the younger heroes. Tim Drake will appear in season three, and will spinoff alongside Raven, Beast Boy, Superboy, and other young heroes. The original series will feature Nightwing, a reborn Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, presumably Hawk and Dove, and other older heroes. It is unknown whether Starfire would join the new team/series as a mentor or if she would stay with the original team.

Titans Season 3

The report is closed with the disclaimer that Kaya had not heard an update on this spinoff in approximately a year, and that Tim Drakes role (or lack thereof) in Titans season three would indicate the likelihood of continued development on this project.

Despite the inevitable shift from DCUniverse to HBOMax (this has yet to be officially confirmed), the future of Titans is bright.

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