DC Fandome Success May Lead To Future Warner Bros. Events Being Monetized

Warner Bros.' DC FanDome event was a game changer for virtual conventions, and now it seems they want to capitalize on that success.
DC fandome success

Warner Bros.’ DC FanDome event was a game changer for virtual conventions. After the millions and millions of views worldwide, the world of DC is hoping to have this success continue on as their second day of panels prepare to hit the web.

It sounds like Warner Bros may be looking to find a way to make money with future events with DC. Ann Sarnoff, head of WarnerMedia Studios spoke with Variety on the success of the event. In her interview, she mentions how the event increased the viewership on the HBO Max channel and the DC movies included.


Here is what she had to say about the idea of WB finding a way to monetise the idea:

“One of the big themes we’ve been talking about since the beginning is using our content and our IP in bigger and better ways,” Sarnoff explained. “It’s clear we have a very big fan base that wants to stay very connected to us. We’re going to keep doing it in the spirit of super-serving fans and then see if there’s a way to monetize it”

More Money, More DC FanDome?

dc fandome event

It looks like Sarnoff is looking out for the fans and making money second. Now there is a potential outlook that the next DC fandome could have some small ads and commercials in between panels. There is also a chance, though hopefully it never happens, that the big name panels could ask fans to pay for access to their portion of the event.

If that happens, then DC FanDome will not see the numbers that were tallied this year. Nothing is set in stone right now, so who knows what DC could do – but it would not be surprising if WB finds a way to take advantage of this.

DC Fandome Day 2 is set to premiere September 12th and will bring more panels and event videos to fans. Make sure you stay with The Illuminerdi for more DC Comics news and features.

Source: Comic Book Movie


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